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Thread: Ireland or wales tonight

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    Would make watching England a lot better if the qualifying group had a bit of competition about it.

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    Originally Posted by dave58
    It's a shame I wanted them to draw and knock each other out, I believe that if it was a draw wales would've missed out to another team in the runners up spot, I don't support or care what happens to any of the other home nations or Ireland in a sporting way, as an Englishman I couldn't care less, they never support or cheer on England, in fact they all hate and cheer against England, so there'll be no tears shed here for any of them not qualifying, they can all watch and hate England in the summer,( maybe Ireland will be there? maybe not, hope not.
    Spot on post,you can't really argue against those sentiments,but out of all the home nations scotland are by far the worst for that,so always want them out first !!

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    Originally Posted by qprjeff1882
    What was that again lol
    nsa/cia spy on this..............┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐


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