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Thread: washington fires blanks

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    time to give sylla and wash a run of games with smith coming on when needed . sylla needs to close don't when told it's not that hard to add to his game , washington needs to find the corner of the goal and stop hitting the keeper he can add that to his game and the goals will come

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    Originally Posted by Hubble
    That's the thing though, he's always an inch to the left of scoring or shoots at the goalie, his shot to goal ratio is pretty dire. I admire his work rate, but I have never been convinced he's the real deal, and I think no matter how Ollie tries to boost him, he just ain't up to it. Ollie's issues with Sylla smacks of poor man-management to me, certainly to make it so public, but then again, maybe it has worked and Sylla has got the message. Either way, we need to see Sylla starting games I think, or at least rotating. An alternative that might work could be Sylla and Washington, where Washington's job is to pull defenders away from Sylla, make the space for him, and provide him service (instead of Mackie doing this).
    Spot on about Washington and Sylla.

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    Is there a record for most impact subs in one team?
    You support QPR?!?!

    Every Australian Ever

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    Got to have a proper finisher in there (Smith or Sylla). I like Washington but he's not a natural goalscorer. Saying that, Washington and Mackie upfront hasn't been that bad...they know how to tire defences and that's when Smith/Sylla come on and look threatening.
    "When you went to the corner and saw our fans celebrating the way they were you just wanted to be part of it" - Shaun Derry after we beat the scum 1-0

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    Ridiculous. Cw should and will start but question is with who
    I played sunday league football today.

    Clearly I was the best player on the pitch.

    I scored 5 and made 7 last ditch tackles.

    We lost 5-0 but the rest of my team were sh it!


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