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Thread: Away match prices

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    Originally Posted by Jimmy Floyd Rabbit
    There is your problem. People will stump up regardless. Blind loyalty.

    Respect to you guys but I'm nobodies mug.
    Don't think it's blind loyalty, more the fact that you'll get shafted by the train companies as well and no one, almost no one, wants to be double shafted

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    can't blame them really, away ticket prices are insane

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    Can't understand how we don't stick at max 25 for away fans, reading won't fill the away end and maybe not even upper tier, charging 20 or 25 has to be cost effective as a few more would come to loftus road.

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    Personally, I believe we should charge away fans exactly the same as they charge us when we go to them. If all clubs adopted that policy this problem would be sorted out pretty soon.
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    The match day running costs are astronomical, especially for a club like us. You'd think charging 30+ would be counter intuitive but sadly I think if the club is to recoup any money then they've got to charge.

    Long gone are the days of getting cheap tickets on he day.

    Don't know about Wednesday, but they've been charging a lot for sometime. That said, there ground usually looks empty on the telly.


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