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Thread: "Washington not worth 3mil" says chairman.

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    Default "Washington not worth 3mil" says chairman.

    nsa/cia spy on this..............┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐

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    Cheers for stating the obvious Mr Chairman. We all know he was a panic buy after we sold Austin. Probably wasn't even on the radar until he went on a scoring run.

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    Total nothing story.

    Let's be honest, half the players bought and sold these days ain't worth what clubs get away with charging for them!
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    That guy is full of it and always has been. Needs to get fans off his back so is always trying to big up what a great job he is doing.
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    I like Connor, quite happy to have him here

    !!! Grant Hall is brilliant !!!

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    I like him too. I heard that bloke saying the opposite about six months ago and that Conor wasn't being played to his strengths. He needs to make his mind up.

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    Should start every game next to either Sylla or Smith.


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