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    The team’s assistant head groundsman, Dean Waters, tweeted: “£40,000 worth of damage on our coach thinking it was the Boro coach. Nice one!”

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    I bet there were a lot of high sixes after
    I blew a lot on vodka and tonic, gambling and fags. Looking back, I think I overdid it on the tonic. - The one and only Stanley Bowles

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    40k to respray a coach , really

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    Originally Posted by 72bus
    40k to respray a coach , really
    I thought that, talk about over dramatising a story
    I played sunday league football today.

    Clearly I was the best player on the pitch.

    I scored 5 and made 7 last ditch tackles.

    We lost 5-0 but the rest of my team were sh it!


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