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    RIP Joost.

    Best 9 I've seen. The scrum 5 video on this page is very moving.

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    me and my brother were in Churchills, Notting Hill just before Christmas. My brother recognised someone passing us as someone he worked with years ago. Unfortunately he was unable to speak because he too had this terrible debilitating disease. As Joost says we take health for granted and we all think we'll live for ever. Rest in Peace Joost
    I must away now, I can no longer tarry
    This morning's tempest I have to cross
    I must be guided without a stumble
    Into the arms I love the most

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    Nice post lymes. Don't mind admitting me & ms hal both welled up watching it. Puts absolutely everything else into perspective.

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    He was a fantastic player. Such a shame.
    Speaking of rubgy, who do we reckon for the 6 Nations? I can't see anyone winning the Grand Slam but England will win the 6 Nations. Wales for the Triple Crown. OK that last one was wishful thinking. Scotland and Italy have improved massively so it should be a very interesting championship.
    Top Scorers 2017/2018

    Matt Smith - 8
    Conor Washington - 6
    Massimo Luongo- 5
    Luke Freeman - 5
    Idrissa Sylla - 4
    Jamie Mackie - 4
    Pawel Wszolek - 2
    Jack Robinson - 2
    Yeni Ngbakoto - 1
    Darnell Furlong - 1
    David Wheeler - 1
    Paul Smyth - 1
    Aramide Oteh - 1
    Josh Scowen - 1
    Joel Lynch - 1
    Eberiche Eze - 1
    Ryan Manning - 1
    Jake Bidwell - 1

    January Transfers 2018

    Eberiche Eze (loan return), Matt Ingram (loan return)

    Steven Caulker, Yeni Ngbakoto, Sean Goss (loan), Joe Lumley (loan), Reece Grego-Cox, Michael Petrasso, Brandon Comley, Ariel Borysiuk, Olamide Shodipo (loan)

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    England have plenty of injuries: Vunipola Robshaw Wood means the entire first choice back row are missing. Vital imo that Itoje is not asked to fill in there, he's one of the best locks on the planet and needs to stay there. Wales have injury trouble themselvess and England have composure these days, they don't go headless under pressure like they used to: Eddie Jones is for my money the best sporting manager in either rugby or football.

    If it does go titsup for England - and sooner or later that will happen - it isn't the end of the world, they've had a brilliant run and the World Cup is the priority.

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    That missing back row didn't help us but they still finished the job. Under the circs an excellent result.


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