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Thread: 2015/16 Charity Donations 648.29

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    Exclamation 2015/16 Charity Donations 648.29

    We've donated 648.29 last season so a big "Thank You" to all our members for your support for using our site.

    2015/16 - Donations made 323.29 (And 325 - One off donation to Stan Bowles Alzheimer's Fund) TOTAL 648.29
    2014/15 - Donations made 205
    2013/14 - Donations made 340
    2012/13 - Donations made 430 have been donating 5.00 each month to the below QPR charities, we'll alo be including the "Stan Bowles Alzheimer's Fund" to our monthly donations.

    QPR Community Trust
    Kiyan Prince Foundation
    Global Relief Initiative
    Alzheimer's Society
    Stan Bowles Alzheimer's Fund - Monthly payments setup directly.

    If you would like to make a separate donation, please do by clicking on the charity names above.

    **The Stan Bowles / Alzheimers Charity Bet Thread** - BrightonR created a 'Bet Thread for Stan Bowles', the total collected was 325.00. (2015/16 One off payment)
    Crisis at Christmas - We've donated 23.29 to help someone who's homeless this Christmas. (2015/16 One off payment)
    Stan Bowles Alzheimer's Fund - We've donated 60 for the full year in advance (2015/16 One off payment)

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    Well done myu great stuff


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