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Thread: **All QPR Spare Tickets - Ticket Requests - home or away**

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    Default **All QPR Spare Tickets - Ticket Requests - home or away**

    This service is for QPR fans only.

    Please use this thread to either request tickets or offer them to others, for any Rangers game.

    Kindly use this service in the spirit it was intended and not to attempt to sell tickets above face value. Any post doing so will be removed and the poster sanctioned.

  2. Default Bolton home game 17th feb

    Wonít be able to make the game so if anyone wants to use it unfortunately I canít give it but just asking for a token fiver feel free to pm

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    The ticket is now a paper one waiting at box office under my name still a fiver

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    Ticket now gone

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    Default Spare ticket for tonight

    Afternoon all

    I think my wife is not going tonight now so may have her season ticket spare if anyone wants to use it but wont be able to confirm 100% until about 2.30

    If anyone is interested then obviously would have to meet up somewhere so I can hand it over and take it back of course plus a donation to one of the WATRBS charities

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    Nice touch mate


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