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Thread: **All QPR Spare Tickets - Ticket Requests - home or away**

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    Default **All QPR Spare Tickets - Ticket Requests - home or away**

    This service is for QPR fans only.

    Please use this thread to either request tickets or offer them to others, for any Rangers game.

    Kindly use this service in the spirit it was intended and not to attempt to sell tickets above face value. Any post doing so will be removed and the poster sanctioned.

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    My hubby and I are both season ticket holders in Platinum C Block in the South Africa Stand, we won't be using our seats much this season.

    We have been putting them on Twickets at face value.

    Anybody who wants them then please email my husband and we will sell at face value.

    1 is an Adult 35 and 1 is a Senior Citizen 25, no booking fee either.

    We are only 5 or 6 seats along from the W12/C Club, they are excellent seats.
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    Looking to sell my season ticket for the remainder of the season due to weekend work commitments. Four rows back from the pitch just to the right of the dugout (South Africa Road). Not looking for a great deal of money, significantly lower than face value, cost 600 in the summer. Thirteen games to go at home with Derby up next.

    Any interest let me know.

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    Got a ticket for the Brentford end and need another one for my son if anyone can help? I understand that Brentford are offering "bring a friend" for home fans so if anyone gets this offer inwould like a ticket

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    Long shot I know, looking for a Brentford away ticket. Pints will be given as a thanks ( Plus cash for the ticket!)



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