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Thread: QPR Fans Forum @ LR - 03/10/13

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    Liking that medical condition business. Definitely going to try it on the missus when i roll in at 3am this morning.

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    Originally Posted by brightonr

    Oh, and on the rare occasion I could hear anything, some old duffer was ranting on and on. Hope they get him back to his home OK.
    Was that Harry?

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    Originally Posted by gator
    Was that Harry?

    Very good mate. I think we all know who it was now.

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    Thank you to Steve Sayce from IndyR's for this detailed write-up of the evening:

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    Sliding celebration from Austin, that fan from the forum must of been happy with that
    "When you went to the corner and saw our fans celebrating the way they were you just wanted to be part of it" - Shaun Derry after we beat the scum 1-0


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