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Best car ever made?

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    Banning people is no longer my hobby,
    but take a look at my photo blog:


    How and why did I start supporting QPR in Estonia:


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      I've always wanted one of these....1959 Corvette.Ship it to Oz where they've got specialists converting left hookers into RHD.Seems like '59 was a grand year,Les Paul Standards peaked at a million quid for a while.Be on the lookout for the Mike Bloomfield geetar as it's still out there somewhere.


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        I had a mate who inherited a fortune in the late 80s. He also happened to be an irritating twot who only got worse when he became uber-wealthy. He bought a luxury apartment in Ch*lsea Harbour which had an underground garage, perfect to store his newly acquired fleet of super cars. I can't recall exactly what he had, but I know for a fact he had a gorgeous midnight blue E-Type Jag with cream leather interior that we drove around Ch*lsea in a few times. He had an early M3 beemer, nice enough to make Tarbs salivate, he had a Ferrari I think it was a Dino, a Lamborghini - can't remember what model, a Land Rover Defender that he had sprayed to match those used in operation 'Desert Storm'. But the most memorable to me, because he took me for a hair raising high speed race through West London in it where it handled like it was on rails, was an Alfa Romeo Zagato, nicknamed 'The Monster'. While we were driving in it people were gaping at it out of their car windows and one guy drove alongside us and mouthed "what the f*ck is that?!".

        It looked like this:


        The twist in the tale is that he also bought property in Mayfair and elsewhere, and everything he bought, cars, houses, speedboats, the lot, he bought at the highest prices, just before the crash in the early 90s, which saw his fortune halved overnight. Maybe more. And in the end he left for France having had to sell just about everything, because he'd spunked so much of his fortune in a just a few short years. A salutary tale perhaps.


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          My first car was a Saab 96. bult in 1972. Great for use during the winter.
          Best team in the world
          Sort of