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Carnival canal attack

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  • Carnival canal attack

    My lad Jack and a few of his mates were coming back from carnival on the canal early evening last Sunday.

    His gf Beth and another mate of his, Harry, were walking maybe thirty metres ahead. Two white blokes approached those two and without any further ado one of them hit Beth hard in the face. She was KOd and hit her head on the towpath. The other guy hit Harry.

    Jack saw what was happening and as we all would rushed ahead to get to the scene. As he was running he was hit from behind and went leggy and was then hit again. In other words this was planned with the attackers in front and behind. Jacks mates then all rushed up from further back and the attackers ran off ahead, before doing so they yelled to Jack's mates to stay back as they had blades. The attackers got away but to be fair the lads were so worried about Beth that they were distracted from giving chase.

    This was a white on white attack. One of Jack's mates black gf was with them. She was the only black person in within 100m of the incident. It took place on the canal North of the Grove, past Sainsburys.

    Who the fvck comes up to a young woman in her mid twenties and smashes her in the face with absolutely no provocation? She was badly concussed and had brain scans but thankfully she is OK. Still very shocked. Jack's OK too, being hit from behind without warning is always a weird one as you have no chance.

    I just don't know what the fvck was going on with this. Sounds random, but definitely an element of planning. Irony was Jack said it we the best carnival he'd been to in years.

    Dunno if anyone local heard of any other trouble.....

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    Sorry to hear that mate. Clumping an innocent guy is bad enough but hitting an innocent girl is an absolute disgrace and I hope the cowardly b*stards get what's coming and more.


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      Cheers - I just don't get what was behind this one, complete mystery, nothing was taken......


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        just read this ,
        sorry to hear this mate ,what a s hitty thing to happen , the fact it was a girl who was attacked makes it so much worse too . Theres some real w ankers out there.
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          Scum total scum i cant do much about it but its like i witnessed an attack on an inocent females once in chiswick high road i went beserke before i knew what was happening i was screaming out load and swinging a scafold pole around my head,but just as i was going to crush his skull i saw
          a great big camera this was outside the john bull in chiswick high road
          i though if i hit him im going to prison but i was so furious,this did become a police incident so i must be carefull of what im going to say here but when they turned up they said to me we dont want your phone number or identification,but get away from here just f### off
          i though these were good coppers,they must have known who i was but i didnt get pulled in
          but if that camera wasnt situated where it was i was so furious i would have put at least 20 stitches in his head,this poor girl was his girlfriend he kicked her head like it was a football an d pathetically pleaded with the police for them not to charge him anyone who hits a female is scum,but these canel scum were probabley drugged up on these new synthetic drugs
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            Sorry to hear of this hal9, the worlds full of billy big balls preying on innocent people having a good time. Hope they all make a swift recovery
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