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Ranieri sacked

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    Personally am in the minority who can fully understand why.

    Yes, last year was incredible and he will (rightly so) he a hero in Leicester's history for it.

    However, there is no room for sentiment in a mega million business like football and, this year, under Ranieri, they were going down.

    Also, let's not forget he has been paid off bl00dy handsomely let's not feel too sorry for him eh.

    Only thing I would say is the timing seemed odd; the Sevilla result I thought was a stay of execution for him.
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      Sadly the price of relegation is too costly so I can understand why, plus taking into consideration the 'player power'. I'm with Ginge, can't stand the club or most of it's fans, can only go on the ones I've known and to a man a bunch of smug arrogant b'stards and that was before they won the title and would be happy to see them slip down the leagues.

      I will admit to a little bit of bitterness, not that they won the title, but they did so after breaching FFP rules and where as we got hammered for it by everyone, whilst it doesn't get mentioned about them, apparently they 'did it the right way'


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        usually I'd be hoping Leicester beat the scousers, but after the way they treated the Tinkerman, I'm non-plus
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          Originally posted by Itsonlyagame View Post
          Such a shame for him after what he achieved last season.
          Players should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.
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            Cor they really hated Raneri.
            Walloping Liverpool and playing like last seasons Leicester.