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bitcoin price rising - alternatives for portfolio - tips for next big price rise

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  • Originally posted by Blobbers View Post
    Will it ever recover fully?
    I think so, and probably stronger than ever. But reckon it's unlikely until next year or even 2020. We've had similar cycles in the past, particularly 2013/14. More and more adoption is taking place now though, more of the major players are getting in now whilst it's cheaper, and more of the fundamentals are being put in place by the devs. I'm sure some market manipulation is happening too enabling the large investors to get in during this bear market.

    Long term I remain very bullish, especially considering all the continued uncertainty around the dollar. Today's price is what it was around September last year before it went on that parabolic and completely unsustainable bull run. But I think it could still go as low as $2500 or even less, which would be an even better time to invest IMO. Can see this continuing until well into the Spring.

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