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On my way home | QPR 0 M'Boro 3

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    Originally posted by afflicted-by-doom View Post
    Middlesboro had not been doing well. They changed their manager and have a manager like Cardiff with Warnock, pulis nows how to get the best out of a team and sets up as a team that all the players knew what their job was and stuck with it.

    Admittedly our playing staff is not of the quality of Middlesboro's anyhow but after going behind tactical switches which smacked of no idea and f all idea unfortunately.

    From wingbacks to four at the back - a cumbersome centre half up front - changing the team formation and subbing too early - if we have a game plan it seems there is a plan b plan c and plan x y zee !!!

    I like Holloway. He is undoubtedly a club legend - hence why he has had a lot more leeway than most managers we have had in recent years - I understand his passion and we are somehow in a position where I don't fear relegation - we have no money to spend and that on paper seems fine - but my view is I think a more organised and less reactive manager will achieve better results and in the long term would be a better option for qpr.

    At the moment am not sure exactly what manager would be attracted to our club.

    Massive respect for Les also but is this director of football role above the manager good for all intended also.

    My fear is if we did get rid of Holloway - many managers may feel restricted simply by the structure of our coaching and management set up.

    I was massively optimistic when fernandes came in and this is not a negative post but I think he is massively unsuited to be a football chairman. Not learning from mistakes and too many pie in the sky fantasies about where he can take us. I think perhaps he is too much of a fan - if you know what am saying.

    We wont get relegated - there are some very poor sides in this division who are much worse than ourselves but a much more structured long term plan and well thought out is required.

    we got no direction !!!!!!!!

    This bloke called Donald in united states might be looking for a new role soon. (Oh bloomin heck - god forsake us)

    Was bored yesterday though and noted to my mate - rangers crowds with those performances like yesterday usually get frickin angry - there was nothing like that yesterday

    We left after 83 minutes - I supported rangers since 1973 and first game attended in 1980 and yesterday (Sorry Mr Holloway) was the first time I have left early ever.

    We caught up on our sleep literally !!!!

    Its too many constant changes to team selection personnel and team formations that gets to me.

    I think where we are right now is ok though ie championship mid to lower table but as a club we need to have a management team that is capable of progressing us to at least be competing into getting arounds and about cham[pionship play off level and this particular group will never achieve that.

    Saying all that I believe there will be no changes between now and the end of the season

    I think the playing staff is reasonable though but as for the people above -no thank you now - complete change please with everyone please
    Great first post mate.

    Me and a few others on here have been making a lot of similar noises for a while now. I just hope Tony has the stones to bring a new manager in for next season. Somehow how though I suspect he won't.
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      Originally posted by Northolt_Rs View Post
      I thought we looked very shambolic....Robinson up front?????
      It was Lynch that he chucked up front mate, for about 13 or 14 mins at the end of the first half. You're right though, we were all over the place at times in the first half.
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        Middlesborough were the most organised side I have seen at LR for a very long time. Defensively first class and with the pace to burn on the counter.

        Only 1 result after the 2nd went in.