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On way home - QPR 1 Brentford 4 (League Cup)

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    Originally posted by Romford Hoop View Post
    Shocking, pathetic, embarrassing, or just plain ####ing useless, choose any derogatory term u can think of. Totally slaughtered in the first half, marginally better second, if Yeni I who raced clear for a great chance and Sylla who had an easy header at 3-1 had scored who knows, however 4-1 was fair, 7-1 fairer.
    Where do u start, Furlong and Robinson are both league 1 at best, Furlongs positional sense is nil.
    Caulker hopelessly unfit, Baptiste very basic, combine the 4 and you have a defence from hell that was ripped apart.
    Biggest disappoint for me was Manning and Ariel, both miles of the pace, upfront Yeni and Sylla looked like lost souls, Yeni should be sold and Sylla who knows with him.
    10 changes is at least 5 to many and that massacre will affect confidence.
    Brentford fans taking the #### all night, Thank-you
    Mr Holloway, next time u concede a match before kick-off please let us hardy/mad souls know before the game.
    good post mate , brentford just zipped the ball round us . it should have been 7 or 8


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      Originally posted by Shepherds Mush View Post
      Heard the Brentford fans really took the p*ss last night. Hopefully we can do the same back when we play with our first team.
      "you got your Rangers back" at 2-0 was the low point for me.


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        Originally posted by James1979 View Post
        "you got your Rangers back" at 2-0 was the low point for me.
        Cheeky farkers


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          Result was awful but I think they had about 6 or 7 first teamers on the pitch to our ,so think the outcome was probably inevitable.However just like the game there at the end of last season they tore us to pieces out wide and once again olly didn't have the tactical nous to cope with it.Robinson looked poor in the 1st half but had no cover in front of him Manning who should have been there kept coming inside hence no cover.Very few positives although we did look better in the 2nd half.Having seen that we should be grateful that we signed Scowen as the collection of midfielders from last night would look very out of place in the championship.At least Chair has time on his side.