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    Originally posted by ScottJones View Post
    It's to scare us into renewing

    Many will based on rises, many will organise a demo like never seen before at QPR.
    i hope so....but i dont want to push the investors out... i just want them to re-think
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      Originally posted by big ade View Post
      we are the ONLY club putting prices up and frankly its beyond comprehension.
      not to me it wasn't, i've been saying for months that the board were never going to be putting any of their own money in. the only money for investment is coming from us, sponsorship, and anywhere else. that's why prices will keep going up.

      I've also been saying that we should be doing a leaflet drop, april 4th and the 13th is our last chance to get hold of all regular goers asking them to let the deadline pass. And also to get them to register with one of the MB's, because this won't be the last run-in we have with the club.

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