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Winners mentality of Cerny

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  • Winners mentality of Cerny

    Had the pleasure last night to have a decent chat with Cerny; I've never spoke to the bloke before but he was quite candid.

    He looked a bit grumpy so I asked him how he was feeling etc. He started by saying he didnt want to be there...cue me about to go into a mahosive rant at him but, he interjected and explained.

    He was there for the fans..to chat to whoever wanted to talk to him, sign anything and pose for every photo. He said the fans are amazing, have been amazing to him and it was the least he could do but, he felt a fraud.

    He felt a fraud as he thinks him and the players, everyone, let us down and failed not just us but, themselves. He said the target was the play-offs and that wasnt achieved so he didnt see why there was a party and why players would be off celebrating when they collectively didnt do their jobs.

    I was taken aback a bit but started explaining how HE and the defence certainly did their jobs! The player of the year contenders and winners were three of the back 4 and that we had one of the best defensive records in the league FFS...and that they could all be proud. I then mentioned that he was up/or had won the Golden Gloves award..and he was like "yeah someone said something about that but, whatever" as such.

    Fair play to him, he was saying and stressing they've nothing to be proud of as they let down the fans paying high money they may not be able to afford and they let us down. He said though that they must make up for it next year that they must give the fans what they deserve and the team must play to its potential....and he was determined that next year we and they would party as they had earnt it.

    Everything about him just shouted to me "winner" and that second place (or not getting to the play-offs) is "losing" and only "winning was acceptable"

    Interestingly, he said that all the talk of formation is utter utter BS, he said it doesnt matter if its 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 4-3-3 or whatever, our problem is scoring and how we play. He stressed the latter more, it's how we play that matters, with the potential (he mentioned potential a lot) of the players in front of him we should tear teams apart with pace and the goals would come....hoofing it and crossing balls into the box with no real target man is BS, we need to play people off the pitch.

    He said none of them have a scooby at who the new manager would be, i mentioned GG and Alberti's ears picked up to say - "good coach" (alberti had joined us by now) - he said he wasnt too fussed, as long as it was someone who got the players playing on the deck and playing and passing at speed.

    Anyway, it's difficult to convey the intensity of the conversation as it was more of a feeling I got from him than specific words if that makes sense..but, everything he said was heartfelt and he screamed "perfection is all that counts" and "winning is all that counts".

    Tops bloke and someone I think that a lot of the other players could learn from..his attitude is first class.

    Oh and he doesnt have sex with his gloves on and has never done so...LOFL...after I left him that was the imperative question a fellow female messageboard poster (you know who you are xx) had to ask him..I think he got scared sh*tless after she offered for him to come and try it with her.
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    We need a manager that can simply instill that thought process into every single bloody player.


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      That is very good to hear, too many times we hear players put positive spin on things
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        Cerny sounds like a top bloke and has the right attitude. Love the bloke as a keeper and as himself.


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          haha!...Good post. I agree Scott, i to was lucky enough to meet him and have a chat, and i too mentioned the golden gloves. He said he didnt have a clue about it until one of the goalkeeping coaches mentioned it to him the other week.

          The table i was on was right next to a players table and Redek barely raised a smile other then when fans came over to say hello. For most of the awards he really looked quite grumpy!

          Nice guy though, deserves to be our number 1. God know why people would rather have Camp in goal. I mentioned the save he made against wolves from a free kick during our 1-0 win, he seemed pritty happy with that save! IMO best goalkeeper in the league.
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            Nevermind the rest of the team Cerny has had an unbelievable season, made some top class saves and with one game to go is winning the Golden Gloves award in a team that sits mid table!
            People talk about good and bad signings Paladini has made but fair play to him on this one this was a superb signing and for free!

            Let's hope he plays just as well next season one of if not the best GK in the league without a doubt and an improvement on Camp undoubtedly!


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              Top Top keeper
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                well said


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                  Originally posted by qprjames View Post
                  Top Top keeper
                  agree with that, but alot of people dont think so!!!
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                    I dont understand how Cherny didnt win player of the year, in terms of performance consistancy and point winning/saving performances he was streets ahead of anyone else.
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                      good read


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                        Doesn't bear thinking about what could have happened if we hadn't had a keeper of his class with our bad scoring record.


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                          ive always thought hes been a gr8 keeper for us and he always comes across as a really nice guy who loves the fans...he mite make mistakes every now and again but wot championship keeper dusnt? hell b a key figure in our team next year and hopefully his mentality will spread to sum other players


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                            btw woz camp there last nite? nd if so did ny1 speak to him?