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ideas to ramp up the atmosphere

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  • ideas to ramp up the atmosphere

    What we need to do is contact club and have flyers put out for singing sections in ground ,bring the drum back . Also create qpr ultras section big flag carried around fans before game . make the whole ground like a carnival what do you think?

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    There is no need for any of that. All they need to do is revert the moronic decision to put families in the lower loft and let the rowdies return to what is our spiritual "end".

    As far as I can tell, since lower loft was made the family area:
    1) The team has lost far more home games than at any point in our history at Loftus Road.
    2) We have failed to significantly build our fan base. We have probably decreased it.
    3) We have failed to sell-out the lower loft for 90% or more of games.


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      Open the turnstiles again?