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  • January...

    Can’t come soon enough imo. Love how its gone this season so far compared to my expectations but I can’t shake the feeling we’d really be in the mix for automatic if we had that bit of investment. So many dropped points including today.

    We desperately need a true GK & CB (maybe 2) - a must. But also if we’re being picky, a good holding player who can operate both ways in the middle of the park who has legs and a decent loan backup striker send Mlakar back off to Brighton.

    Suggestions on who they could be are welcome...

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    The one position we need to sort asap is a decent keeper.


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      david seaman......one man who would love a clean sheet.


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        reality is staying up were in this league for a few more seasons before we can sign anyone. Theres bigger sides on league 1. anything above 12th is a positive.

        Wallace looks ok at lb but Kane does not impress me one bit. when we do cash in on Eze we must maximise price and invest in youth again.


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          Right back and a centre half please!


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            Originally posted by rodman View Post
            The one position we need to sort asap is a decent keeper.

            Keeper did nothing wrong today!

            you could put the best keeper in the world in front of any selection of our central defenders and we’d still concede goals. The centre of defence has been broken since we gained promotion with Connolly and Gorkes, and silly boll**** binned them, rather than trying to develop them, but that’s a different matter. We need to be watching as much under 23 prem football as poss between now and jan to identify at least one.
            and why take a punt on Masterdon. It’s his given trade and he really can’t do any worse than this shower.
            i wouldn’t have one of them in my team given the choice. Not one of them could go out on loan to a top half championship team and get regular football. In fact I think you could probably stretch that to the league, unless they had injury problems.j
            the German is good in the air, but woeful and slow on the ground, Barbate has a great left foot - what use is that, if you can’t defend, and poss one of the reasons why a decent Brentford side has come up short for the past 4-5 years..Hall day dreams and the others are not centre backs.

            defence aside, we’re doing alright. The playing out from the back is dangerous at this level, but there are massive advantages once you get out. I’m finding that the midfield aren’t showing as much for them as earlier in the season, but Eze is now a marked man. I thought Amos (he’s good on the ball vs Scowen) gave us another outlet at times yesterday and once we get him up to scratch again he’ll make us better.

            step back - take away the 2 mistakes for the goals and after a slow start we actually did ok yesterday and on another day could have ended up with 4, or 5.+ More Options


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              I feel Duffy who played for Burnley a few seasons ago is a player we could need in Midfield. We get outmuscled too easily. Just a suggestion...and a stop gap....
              Best team in the world
              Sort of