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Looking up or down?

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  • Looking up or down?

    Whilst I appreciate all three re correct, when you look at the table what do you see first?

    I am enjoying the football we play a lot more this season compared to the last couple of seasons, but our defence scares the s4it out of me. At the start of this season I would have taken survival with a little bit of comfort and today I still want survival with a bit of comfort and entertainment.

    Every time I look at the league table (including the game where we could have gone second), I can't help but keep look at how far clear of safety we are. Especially when you remember that boxing day last year we were 15 points clear of relegation but made it very nervy towards the end.

    I'm normally a glass half full kind of person (especially with QPR) but the last 2 years for some reason I am struggling to get carried away and really enjoy it. Anyone else in the same boat?
    7 points off the top
    2 point off playoffs
    11 points clear of relegation

    The poll is expired.

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    i'm the opposite to you. as soon as the season starts my eyes are only on the top.
    midway through the season, if we are a few points off the play offs, then that's my aim, the play offs.
    obviously if we are down around 17th/18th and under, then relegation looms.

    I;m not one where qpr are say 8 points off the top and 20 points off the bottom half way through the season thinking, oh, we only need so many points to stay up, for me that's too negative...….aim for the top always.
    still not knocking you, everyone to their own......good post.


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      Don't know where we'll finish. Been following the Rs for too many years. I even remember vital full of vitality! Always flatter to deceive (promotion season aside).

      First things first - how many points to safety. How far clear of the relegation pack?

      Once we look safe beyond reasonable doubt, that's the time to wonder. Until then its only dreaming.


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        The Grand old Duke of York springs to mind, when we are up, we are up and all that, just as long as the team does alright and play some good stuff on the way, rather look sideways at the Blond sort on the Train, wouldn't mind going Down.


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          Always look to the stars


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            11 points off relegation, I wish this gap was bigger


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              Down.. Same old story.
              Best team in the world
              Sort of


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                Before I read this post I noticed Cardiff are playing Bristol city today. My thought was rather a draw to stay 2 behind playoffs and ahead of Cardiff. If someone has to win I would take Cardiff to remain 2 odd playoffs but dropping a place. So I’m looking up but remain realistic to the fact that a good season represents finishing somewhere around where we are now.