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  • On way home

    I swear blind every year that I will not come to cups game in this competition I have missed a couple but tonight was intrigued enough to see some new players.
    Really pleased I made the effort. cracking game of football, full of goals, chances and the dreaded penalty shootout with a happy ending.

    We started tonight suprisinly with a 3-5-2 or 5-3-2 whatever way you look at it, BFG in the centre and Ball on the right, Barbet on the left, for me it did not work as Barbet
    drifted to far over and left us a bit exposed down the centre, Kane and Manning played quite a distance ahead, 4 goals in the first half including a 35 yard free kick from them, Iím not convinced any keeper should be beaten from that distance, even though it was a cracking shot.

    Second half went back to a back 4, however I thought City got on top as we lost our way a bit.

    Newbies tonight were Kelly who maybe should have done better with free kick, however saved 2 pens in shootout, looks comfortable and assured, Pugh is a very intelligent unselfish player who always looks to put people clear, blowing out his #### on 60 mins, Smith looks a tidy player but not sure he will be a regular, Amos looks ahead of him in development. Decent effort from everyone with Wells outstanding in the first half, and scored a penalty in the shootout.

    Things looking good as we now seem to have competition in all areas, got to give a mention to Chair, this little pocket rocket is a joy to watch, doesnít always come off for him but he causes panic in opposition defences, should sign him up now on a 5 year deal, this lad could go to the top.

    Just under 6,000 including about 1000 City, real buzz in walk back to station, best £5 I have spent in a long while.

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    Only a Jack's to get vfm


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      Cheers Romford, I always enjoy your insight especially the matches I haven't been able to watch!


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        Originally posted by gator View Post
        Cheers Romford, I always enjoy your insight especially the matches I haven't been able to watch!
        A lot of positives to take from tonight, we genuinely have real competition in every position, tonight showed any of these players are up to first team duties, really enjoyed watching out thoughtful passing rather than hoof ball, Warburton must take great credit transforming this squad, barely spending a penny.


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          Thanks Romford.
          I'm stuck training all week, and wasn't able to listen to comms or follow the action via here.
          But the second I got back to the hotel, I was pleased to see that you actually went and had got this report up.
          Loving what I have been reading/seeing from Chair.
          Minds Are Like Parachutes.
          Work Best When Open...


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            Thanks Romford, good read.
            I have supported Rangers for 50 seasons.


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              Nice write up Rom and good to keep updated. I'll have to get myself to a home game.
              I played sunday league football today.

              Clearly I was the best player on the pitch.

              I scored 5 and made 7 last ditch tackles.

              We lost 5-0 but the rest of my team were sh it!


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                Chair has to be knocking on the door of a place in the first XI surely.


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                  the difference with this squad and a good few before is, even when we were 3-2 down last night I always had faith to come back and get something out of the game.
                  hopefully a good crowd will turn up against pompey, I know they will......get all 4 sides open, £10 pound a ticket, half price for kids and concessions......happy days.


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                    Glad you thought the same about Chair, he was a joy to watch and looked dangerous, everytime he got the ball. Has an ability to have the ball stuck to his foot, when it looks like he has lost control. Said it coming out last night, we now have competition for every single position, which compared to last few seasons is a revelation. Mkalar looked pacey and tight control when he came on and Wells looked very happy to be back with us. A few were blowing particularly Pugh but more game time and he will fit in nicely too. Was lovely watching us play football too, lost our way for a bit 2nd half and you could see a few wanted to lump it forward when we started to chase the game last 20 mins BUT they held back and we eventually got the draw we deserved overall.