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    Eze is an honest wife, Adel was the perfect lover. It’s certainty against passion, lads. PS for my wife, in case she reads this post: of course you’re both, my Love. :-)


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      Adel just for me.
      that said eze is class on the ball.
      Just glad he plays for us.
      Now we have to stop biggin him up,to many clubs taking note.


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        Adel still has it.


        Taarabt covered more ground than any other player on the pitch, aside from Leipzig midfielder Diego Demme. His distance of 11.39km was well above Benfica’s average of 10.56km which, given he was the second-oldest outfield player on show, is no mean feat.

        Only Leipzig full-back Nordi Mukiele completed more interceptions on the night- another sign of his willingness to contribute going back towards his own goal.

        He was sensible in possession too. No midfielder on either side had a better pass completion rate.


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          When Eze gets write ups like this then we can compare. Maybe he will if he keeps getting there.



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            Originally posted by rodman View Post

            Not yet its not, not by a long way. And I was a massive critic of Adel.

            Every time Adel got the ball he would look to make something happen, more often than not on his own, but he created that spark of excitement within you every time he got that ball.

            Eze however more often than not simply passes it to the nearest player or knocks it sideways or backwards.
            Occasionally he does something creative or special and we are a good side when he's on form.
            But he's deffo not in the same league when it comes to excitement.

            Adel on his day was unstoppable, truly a match winner all on his own. Eze, as good as he is, and I hope he gets better, isn't even close to Adel.

            What I will say is that Eze is much more of a team player than Adel could ever be and if I had to choose one of the two it would probably be Eze for this reason.

            Adel was infuriatingly selfish at the best of times and I prefer team players.

            Do miss the excitement Adel would create though.
            Eze was a match winner yesterday.

            I was a massive Adel fan but the way he has wasted his talent has tainted my view of him unfortunately. I love watching Eze play and from what I've seen although it's too early to compare I feel it will come.