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    For the real fan/supporter its a right kick in the scrotum, we've been close to that in the past and we obviously were miffed. Feel for these fans who travel the length and breath of the country supporting their team.

    Owners need t be held more responsible, not the fans
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      Look like they've swerved it... https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news...ercoaster-day/


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        Originally posted by davieqpr View Post

        Villa have not breached FFP regulations because of allowance from seasons in Prem. They have to make savings of £18m this season to stay onside. Their problem was they loaned money against future income and had no more coming in to pay the bills. Forest have had a transfer embargo for virtually 2 years so they have spent nothing until this season.

        Davie, you’re obviously correct about Villa not breaching regulations at this precise term. The Birmingham Mail ran an article in July in regards to this. This is their 3rd season since relegation, year 1 showed losses of £14.5m and a predicted loss of £50m last season. Their wage bill as of last season was roughly £1m per week[£50m for the year) OK they are not paying the likes of Terry or Snodgrass, but have replaced these with the likes of Bolaise and a Tammy Abraham which wouldn’t have come cheap, so cannot see that wage bill coming down to much and they still have the likes of Mckormack and Micah Richards picking up big wedge. 2 outcomes, promotion and ability to stay in Premier will probably result in a fine ala Bournemouth / Leicester or the sale of Grealish for mega bucks in January.


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          I thought Micah Richards had been released


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            Originally posted by qprjeff1882 View Post
            I thought Micah Richards had been released
            Still there, signed a 4 year deal in June 2015


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              Originally posted by Joe90 View Post

              This. Nobody gave a toss about us. We look out for our own, because nobody's looking out for us.
              Zackly Joe


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                Originally posted by brightonr View Post

                Absolutely spot on Dave.

                Also, let’s not forget that in almost all instances of other clubs going into administration, they have “knocked” suppliers or creditors along the way. And whilst our owners have admittedly, made a complete hash of things a few years back, I don’t think they have failed to meet their financial obligations on one single occasion.

                Yes, we broke some rules. But our owners have paid the price for that by losing their own money. Quite right too.

                Other clubs are still in existence, despite causing other businesses to fail due to their mismanagement. We should bear this in mind when criticising our owners.

                Yes i believe you're right, some small thing thing for us to be proud of
                in the whole mess we've had


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                  so just in time to create a siege mentality, all the fans pull together galvanise the club fight like mad and give us a good thrashing


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                    Not going into administration now apparently