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    New signings Wells Hemed Rangel Cameron. Plus Hall all now make the team look a lot more balanced and harder to beat old QPR ish
    Mix that with what we have and the team now could possibly be a good team imo
    Hall and Caneron need to play most of the time as they are total grafters all day long similar to Clint Hill and Richard Dunn
    Also maybe the teams that are in the league have also been over hyped by myself included and are not all that like Birmingham etc
    We have a spine of a good team with a mix of major experience and flair that we really did not have before the transfer window things are now much better for our survival.

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    I agree.
    SMC, Les, Hoos and Tony have all done well


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      Originally posted by SheepRanger View Post
      I agree.
      SMC, Les, Hoos and Tony have all done well
      Good god man, don't you know you're not allowed to give any of those gentlemen credit on here?!

      In all seriousness, we look much more solid with Rangel at the back. Wells and Hemed look classy up front and I reckon they'll get us 8-10 goals each at least with good enough service and if they stay fit. Not sure on Cameron yet, but he needs time to bed in.
      Top Scorers 2018/2019

      Nakhi Wells - 8
      Pawel Wszolek - 6
      Luke Freeman - 6
      Matt Smith - 6
      Ebere Eze - 4
      Joel Lynch - 3
      Tomer Hemed - 3
      Toni Leistner - 2
      Massimo Luongo- 2
      Angel Rangel - 2
      Bright Osayi-Samuel - 2
      Geoff Cameron - 1
      Aramide Oteh - 1
      Jake Bidwell - 1
      Jordan Cousins - 1

      Summer Transfers 2019




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        Think Cameron will end up being the best of the lot
        Totally what we need someone with grit to cleanup all the crapp
        Read the Stoke forum they really rate him and say he's a great loss to them.
        Amit. Did do well though didn't he


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          Guys no ones done well yet were in the bottom 3


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            As a fan base we are angry about past disasters. They are all trying to do the right things even if it means things don't progress as quickly as we would like. The business that has now been completed during the loan windiw has been excellent and we should climb the table slowly. I'm not bothered that we are in the bottom three, because we'll easoly be mid table by the end of the season. Looking like a decent side now!


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              Let's hope so sheep Lets hope so


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                Side does look a lot better than before the window
                Almost like a Neil Warnock window really old war horses coming in
                Exactly what was required maybe another central defender would have been good


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                  Originally posted by The General View Post
                  Guys no ones done well yet were in the bottom 3
                  Yeh but we were in the bottom 1.