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  • Three wishes...

    Right now one can make a credible argument that we look weak at nearly every position. Say we could have three wishes granted re the loan period that ends in 10 days. Who would you be looking for? In my book: (1) Seasoned striker; (2) Left Back; (3) Goalie. Our offense is relatively anemic; whenever Conor hits the pitch I want to pitch a fit; he has not come through in more than three seasons. Our midfield at present has an out-of-sorts Luongo, a ball-hogging Freeman, and a hard-nosed yet pass-sloppy Scowen. Could use a jolt of a Joey Barton type here. (3) Goalie -- Ingram looks like a shaky minor leaguer with no ability to command the defense; Lumley though very green at least pretends to be in charge when in the nets; yet both are inadequate to repel more than a handful of squads out there. Need a seasoned stud.

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    Smithies, Ned and Robinson........


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      Originally posted by Rangers77 View Post
      Smithies, Ned and Robinson........
      I know.


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        Just the one for me. Fernandes to #### right off back to West Ham


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          I wish i supported a properly run football club ...x3


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            1. I wish fernandes had never got involved with qpr
            2. I wish we had some proper players
            3. I wish the club would stop embarrassing a fan base that has suffered more than most over the year. Iím really ####ing sick of them right now


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              I wish they were happy in Lebanon
              Wish someone would help me write this song
              And I wish when I was young my Old Man had not been gone

              Genie said consider it done...

              One for the Pink Floyd /Roger Waters fans out there...

              Anyway, if I did reach back for the bottle and rub against the lamp my 3 QPR wishes would be:

              1) 2 visits to Old Trafford in the cups this season

              2) A recognition that we need to revert back to Gregory's blueprint with immediate effect

              3) A ridiculous bid for Eze in the winter transfer market.


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                1. Austin
                2. Smithies or any keeper thatís any good
                3. Alan mcdonald


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                  My wish is for Warnock to be sacked by Cardiff which then forces Amits arm to sack McClaren. Appoint Warnock he keeps us up then gets up promoted next season