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What is our strongest starting 11 at present?

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  • What is our strongest starting 11 at present?

    The season isnít to far away and and I personally donít think we will have a influx of signings. So what is our strongest 11 and from that can we identify where we really need to strengthen?

    my 11 right now would be based on a 4 2 3 1 and look like the below


    furlong Hall Leinster bidwell

    scowen luongo

    smyth Eze Freeman


    GK itís a toss up between Lumley and Ingram.

    I found it fairly hard to pick the midfield as I think Manning, Wsolev and Samuel could all push for a first team place.

    Defensively I am worried about our depth and feel we need rb and lb cover plus another cb to challenge for a starting spot.

    Up top it would be great if we can sign someone like Hogan who imo would replace smith in the starting 11. I also think sylla is worth keeping around as he can score at this level.

    imo we still 5 signings - 3 at the back, 1 striker and Iíd love to see another winger signed.

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    Agree totally with your starting 11. Canít see an influx of signings but we certainly need some experience that help the young lads.


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      What worries me is that other than Furlong all our defenders are pretty slow.


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        pretty much the 11 you said, i'd like lumley to push on as our starting keeper simply coz hes from our academy and is good with his feet but hes been a bit error prone at times


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          Certainly need more at CB than what we have at the moment. Actually think the RB/LB cover in Kakay and Hamalainen could be ok this season.


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            Couple of injuries and bang in trouble. Reinforcements required.


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              Agree with this as well hopeful that Hall will be fully fit and ready to go by the start of the season. At GK, Lumley looks far too tentative to me; Ingram has more confidence and guts at the moment. Also believe Chair and Osayi-Samuel will be counted on as the season progresses; both have speed and increasing presence on the pitch.


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                I like the look of this line up in a 433 using energised attack with a wise midfield. But OP is more sensible .


                Furlong Hall Leinster Bidwell

                Scowen Luongo Freeman

                Smyth Chair Eze


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                  Whatever happens i just hope we don't have the amount of injuries we had last season. Surely somethings got to give as we've had a bad injury record for years now.