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Ex-QPR players on McClaren

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  • Ex-QPR players on McClaren

    I recently stumbled across some old interviews I did (for WATRB) with three of our former U23 players at the time Steve McClaren was previously coaching at the club. Noticing how all three spoke highly of his coaching skills, I thought it of interest enough to re-post this; as well as a now interesting nostalgia piece. The interviews were with Frankie Sutherland, Max Ehmer and Tom Hitchcock.

    They were conducted at Harlington, in conjunction with Clive from LFW and Ron from QPRnet. Apologies for the loud bloke in the background. That was Rob Green chatting to The Guardian ;-) Five years on, Ehmer now plays for Gillingham in League 1; Sutherland for Bromley (in the league's 5th tier); whilst Hitchcock is currently without a club but played for Chelmsford City last season (in the league's 6th tier).

    Link to interviews: https://goo.gl/Uukscx
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