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  • Molineux today

    Very short report as have just got back and want to see Britain's got talent! Before the game, we'd have happily taken 1-0 and as the game proved. Wolves were much superior than us in so many ways I am very proud of the way our players kept it to just the one goal this afternoon.

    As we were moved to the section behind the goal in the Jack Harris Stand from where we were originally allocated, it meant that we viewed the game from behind the goal which I always personally prefer anyway. The sunshine was out in force, and as the crowd started filling up around us in the other areas you could feel the excitement in the air around the ground. Just before the players came out the home fans held up gold cards so the ground was a sea of gold for their players to run out, and just prior to kick off they sang their own rendition of that old song (this is my world I think it's called, honda use it recently for their advert on tv). As the players came out of the tunnel they were greeted by not only the sea of gold, but also a noise that quite possibly could have rivalled the decibels that blasted Emma's and Sarah's ears last night at the Prodigy concert they went to.

    To be fair to Ains, he started with an attacking side with Vine and Helga up front but for the first 20 minutes or so we couldn't get the ball out of our area. The home side, as you would have expected, started off as if their pants were on fire. Their players were fired up and our back four were pushed to their limits. Ramage I thought did exceptionally well in the first half, whilst Connolly in the middle was a calm influence. Cerny made an excellent save with around 30 minutes having gone on the clock when he was called upon to push the ball to safety just as it looked as though it were going into the net by the near post. We had a couple of flurries ourselves in that first half and were saying if we could start to frustrate them we might even have a chance ourselves. As the half progressed the home side did run out of steam which is when we had a couple of attacks down the other end but nothing to really shout home about.

    At half time we were just grateful to be 0-0 and with the pa aannouncer there calling for fans not to run on the pitch at the end of the game, we kind of thought such presumptious words might be a tad premature as they hadn't won the game at the point. However, with 57 seconds having gone on the clock at the re-start, we found ourselves a goal down. It happened so quickly we weren't even sure what happened, all we knew is that it looked like we got caught on the hop, and with no one apparently marking him, who was there on hand to poke the ball into the back, but the championship's current top scorer. The home fans around us quite rightly went crazy and the whole of the City of Wolverhampton must have been aware when Ebanks Blake scored that goal.

    To be fair to our players, they didn't let their heads drop ala Southampton when they played them a couple of weeks ago, and with Vine hitting the bar after a lovely little ball had been played through to him from Routledge, there was still hope for us yet. Shortly after this, Helguson had the best of the chance of the game for us after he found himself suddenly clear with just their keeper to beat. All he needed to do was go round him but he opted to shoot and ended up attempting a lame shot straight at the keeper.
    Ainsworth then decided to shake things up a bit by taking off Vine and bringing on Taraabat and also at the same time replacing Cook with Ephraim.

    It was a positive substitution though personally I would have taken Helguson off and kept Vine on (assuming he wasn't struggling with fitness). Taraabat showed a couple of nice touches but he obviously needs to learn more about being a team player, and Ephraim took a free kick of us quite late on which went sailing quite wide over the bar proving how much we miss the likes of Rowlands and Buz at such times. Matthew Connolly tried his luck late on with a decent shot but it was all to prove to no avail as the home side also kept us on our toes down the other end with Marlon Harewood going close for them. There were four minutes of injury time added on and as the goldrange stewards stood in front of the home stands, our one little section seemed to be the one surrounded by police. Charming. As the final whistle went the pleas for not going on the pitch were all to no avail as hundreds and hundreds of the Wolves fans streamed onto the pitch. I tell you what you've never seen our players run so quick as they made their way to the tunnel :-)

    We watched the jubilous scenes for a while, with the girls saying enviously how they would love that to be us. On the way out to the concourse bit they once again played that old song which was quite emotional really followed by the wonder of you. Whilst waiting for the girls to come out of the ladies I watched the scenes on the tv in the concourse area showing the Wolves dressing room with Mick McCarthy and his players showering themselves with champagne. Whilst watching all the celebrations it reminded me that those Wolves fans that have purchased season tickets for next season will be able to watch premiership football from anything between 370 - 490 next season. Good luck to them I say and it's a shame that there's a grand prix on this weekend because Mr Biatore and co would not have been there today to witness what we saw and maybe, just maybe had they been, they could have had a chat with the Wanderers heirachy about listening and learning.

    For those interested in a catering sentence or two, on the way out the girls got one of the 1.50 burgers each from one of the vans just outside the stadium that sell really cheap takeaway food (must be quite gutting for the club really) which they said were fine. We should have some photos from the afternoon to show a bit later. And as for man of the match then I'd say it was between Ramage and Connoly with Connolly just shading it. Off to relax with a drink now whilst watching some telly. Oh yeah, on the way out I said to Dave Thomas that next year this will be us. Haha, I say that every year and never learn. Bring on Plymouth next week.

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    how mnay qpr there...did any sell their tkts...

    i have posted they have tkts from 370
    fulham from 285

    deaf ears, we are poor vfm...5% is something but still means 28-45% increase over 14 months....
    wolves can be a massive club..room for 40,000+ easy...it's a huge site.


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      We sold most of the bit we had.

      Thats what I wantto be doing next season !!

      Unlucky second half, as we were much the better team..

      Great save from keeper

      Hit bar

      and Helgusson had a great chance, from agreat ball from Mahon.

      Tracy, thank you for your valued input.
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        Nice report Tracy.


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          I wouldn't have taken a 1-0 before the game. We should have got a point and would have if Stewart had cleared his lines. Wolves didn't look like scoring although they had most of the ball.


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            Cheers tracy, appreciated x
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              Was any wolves fans in our end as discussed a few days bck??


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                Originally posted by w12chris View Post
                Was any wolves fans in our end as discussed a few days bck??
                Yep.A couple of old boys near me,who for 5 minutes cheered on Wolves until it sunk in where they were sitting.

                And i heard 2 or 3 other guys speaking in that retarded accent in the bar.


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                  Originally posted by themodfather View Post
                  how mnay qpr there...did any sell their tkts...

                  i have posted they have tkts from 370
                  fulham from 285

                  deaf ears, we are poor vfm...5% is something but still means 28-45% increase over 14 months....
                  wolves can be a massive club..room for 40,000+ easy...it's a huge site.
                  we had around 6-700 today

                  Thought we were poor first half and bit better second half but majority was borefest zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
                  We Are The People.....


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                    I can't wait 'til we run on the pitch next season ;)
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                      Thanks Tracy, first time i have missed a wolves game for many years.

                      I am pleased for them they are a good football club and their fans are by and large a decent bunch and they have punched below their weight for many years.

                      "And i heard 2 or 3 other guys speaking in that retarded accent in the bar. "

                      We have a few very solid QPR fans from the Walsall area, it could have been them, I remember a few years back at Walsall having a bunch of them behind me and thinking there was going to be a problem until we scored and they went as mental as anyone.
                      its New Era number 8 i tell thee, bring on the fireworks


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                        Many thanks Tracy.

                        Remember when we (well me, anyway) ran on the pitch against wolves at loftus rd the yr we won the old second division - I think - by beating woves 2-1 at home, despite a trade mark Andy Gray header?


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                          thanks tracey


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                            Thanks Tracy


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                              from wat i saw on champ itv you never sold half your allocation.your area looked quite sparse.