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  • Originally posted by Timmy the Doc View Post
    Two different worlds twitter and this site. Amazing how positive we are.
    God yes Timmy, a loads of virtually suicidal R's on there......


    • Originally posted by Rangers77 View Post

      Jeez, Hits, you and me become happy clapping loyalists, eh? Pinkie77 and Hitpink34......
      Seriously mate, who would have thought........

      Will be so chuffed with this appointment. Its what a few of us on here have been crying out for, for over the past four or five years.

      Experience, but not a dinosour, tactical abilityvwith a good solid defence.

      He is a top bloke to have around the place while we get our new training ground going too.

      Imagine having holloway offering advice, "what would like like to have built in the warren farm training ground ollie which would help us develop the youth?"
      ollie---- " a great big farking hill!"

      Its a commonsense appointment by the board at long farking last.

      If this goes wrong with shtevvve, then i truely give up on managers.

      top 12, here we come
      nsa/cia spy on this..............┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐


      • Originally posted by brightonr View Post

        Ian Taylor has left and Paul Morrissey is struggling with the camcorder.

        !!! Grant Hall is brilliant !!!


        • Originally posted by qprjeff1882 View Post

          Facebook has been the same. First it was full of people saying how bad Ollie has been(while in charge) and now the SAME PEOPLE saying we should have kept him on and he deserved to stay, the club don't know what they're doing. And McClaren hasn't got a clue and has achieved nothing in football.
          You really can't please some people i tell ya.
          The modern football fan, I'm afraid mate.
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          • Love the idea of a proper coach working with the younger players. Great appointment and a no brainer for me.


            • Originally posted by 1973 ranger View Post
              Love the idea of a proper coach working with the younger players. Great appointment and a no brainer for me.
              Me too. (Sorry, sounding like a snowflake).

              Iím just hoping that this isnít giving anyone ideas: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44109670

              If it does, youíll find me at Beachy Head.


              • Wonder how pinkie is taking it all


                • You're making it sound likes its official!


                  • Am I alone in preferring Ferrari to McLaren?
                    Banning people is no longer my hobby,
                    but take a look at my photo blog:


                    How and why did I start supporting QPR in Estonia:


                    • Originally posted by Kirill View Post
                      Am I alone in preferring Ferrari to McLaren?
                      Ferrari is more schhtylishh


                      • Originally posted by Hitman34 View Post
                        Peter Harding‏ @PeterHardingDM 12m12 minutes ago

                        Iím live at #QPR where Steve #McLaren has just arrived to confirm his position as manager

                        I do hope this fella took a sleeping bag and a blanket to keep him warm


                        • If a consortium is coming in who can they be?
                          Best team in the world
                          Sort of


                          • Originally posted by Shania View Post
                            If a consortium is coming in who can they be?
                            Steve McClaren might be one of them


                            • Originally posted by Jimmy Floyd Rabbit View Post
                              Wonder how pinkie is taking it all
                              I actually genuinely worry for the bloke.


                              • Pinkie will be alright, he'll be enjoying the rest after a long season, probably somewhere in the west country
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