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Itk league 2018/19

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    If the consortium rumour bit comes true Rebel will give you a manly back rub.


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      Just got round to updating this,

      QPRmarc has lost a point for predicting a consortium will be buying into the club.

      Points also dropped for Mem,
      And a special mention goes to jjb who has managed to get every single prediction wrong,
      A new record of - 8

      nsa/cia spy on this..............┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐


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        Only 1 point deducted??..he also got Lee Carsley wrong and said we'd be in for Wells this summer.I notice dazzler seems to have dissapeared since reconfirming that he was "correct" about his consortium


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          Grant you Carsley mate, Wells is still a possible loan and him saying bircham won't be kept on counters the Carsley point.
          He currently still remains on 5points.

          ​​​​​​If Wells don't join by the end of the loan window, he will be deducted another point
          nsa/cia spy on this..............┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐


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            serious question... if routledge comes in on loan does jjb pick up 3 much-needed points (and lose one of his one point deductions)?


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              Originally posted by Hitman34 View Post
              Here it is, the itk league 18/19

              ITK LEAGUE TABLE

              1, QprMarc 5pts
              2, Banbury 3pts
              3, The General 0pts
              4, jimmy rabbit 0pt
              5, Mem. - 1pt
              6, James nutnut - 2pts
              7, jjb. - 8pts

              The participants and their predictions are as follows

              Banbury---------------------- John Eustace to be named as coach 3pts.

              James Nutt------------------ holloway will be replaced by former english international -1pt, Peter crouch to sign incorrect - 1pt,

              JJB-------------------------- Ian Holloway to extend his contract for another two years (incorrect -1pt. Ryan manning to crystal Palace - 1pt, a former fan favourite to return - 1pt, 4 players to be announced when the window is open - 4pts, Robinson to sign a new 3 year contract - 1pt,

              Mem-------------------------- Robinson ot glasgow rangers 3 year contract - 1pt, mackie to fleetwood 1 year contract,

              QprMarc-------------------- McClaren to be announced new qpr manager 3PTS, Holloway to be sacked 3pts, McClaren consortium buying into qpr - 1pt,

              Jimmy Rabbit---------------

              The General-----------------

              Rules are simple.
              All predictions count on the basis that they were made before any media reports are published.
              Points are gained for correct itk info regarding players or staff in/outs.
              3 points are awarded for a correct prediction plus 1 bonus point for correct length of contract.
              Any incorrect prediction will result in a point deducted.
              If, when the window closes we have a tie, a poll will be put up for everyone except the participants to vote on the overall winner for best prediction.
              The winner will claim and gain the title of ITK King.

              Reigning and current ITK King is Jimmy Rabbit.
              Where are my points fro warren farm appeal


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                Originally posted by Bill View Post

                Where are my points fro warren farm appeal
                To be fair to Bill, he did call that.