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    Originally posted by Bluehoop View Post
    If they get promoted I reckon back to Plymouth. Disagree with some of the comments above because some people over the years have posted proper vile abuse about one man that would run through brick walls and die for the club irrespective of ability. That, in my world, earns more respect that anyone born with a god given talent that wastes it in the way of some that have gone before him. Good luck Jamie Mackie - you will always be a winner in my world (PS. before the usual suspects jump aboard for a dig, take from that also the fact that I have spent several years coaching disabled and disadvantaged kids and you will realise the sincerity of what I've said)
    Brilliant post.
    He'll regret it till his dying day, if ever he lives that long


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      mackie always gave his all on the pitch , have heard some nice stories about him off the pitch as well , top pro , good luck to him