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Plymouth game for a Tenner

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    Originally posted by Del View Post
    I don't agree that there should be discounts the following season for ST holders to compensate..... it should be immediate, and current as they have already commited and paid out more than others effectively. They may not want to renew next year and get stitched.

    How difficult would it be for the club to issue a voucher (to the equivelant saving on their average match day price with a ST to bring in line with a promotion) which they can redeem at the ground. Should be able to use for food / drink, programmes or in the shop.....

    Certainly not rocket science and would be much needed positive PR to those fans who invest in the club the most. Plus after all that, the revenue will remain within the club so surely a win win.
    It would be very interesting to see what someone would reply if it was forwarded to QPR FC. Not hopeful but worth an email.