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Tarrabt, Simpson, Routledge, Connolly, Buzsacky

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    Originally posted by Captain Clunge View Post
    This cant be true. Pete promised 6 players in this transfer window?

    indeed, but there are players and players. the prospect of fortnum and mason quality was dangled before us, now it looks like we are scouring the lydl buy one get six free just passed its sell by date counter...


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      Buzsaky?? HA, based on this seasons form they can have him! Hasn't pulled his finger out all season and has been a whiney little bitch in the process. He's turning into a bad apple, an apple I might add, that's past his sell by date. If the board aren't going to stump up some money for us to buy decent players id HAPPILY sell Buz and use the money to replace him with somebody who has a set of gonads and will actually put in the effort.
      Will change my user name to half full when QPR give me reason too...


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        How many in Pete's post are actually QPR players?

        How many teams in the Championship would want Hall, Borrowdale, Stewart, Pellicori or Alberti? (all perm players btw)


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          Originally posted by qblockpete View Post
          How many clubs in the championship would want those players??
          Well, as they're already at our club, and likely to be at our club when the transfer window closes, my guess would be, ermmm, not many.