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  • Teambuilding

    A lot of discussion regarding what people want from different players in different positions. I'm curious, in a logical situation, if you could build your side not with actual players but more with what you want from each position, how would your side look? For example, my preferred goalkeeper would be a vocal shotstopper with good reactions; my full backs would be pacey and have good crossing, one centre mid would be good in the air and intelligent at reading the play and winning the ball, the other would be good at picking out forward passes and knows how to run with the ball. Etc, etc. How would your first 11 look?
    "What stats allow you to do is not take things at face value. The idea that I trust my eyes more than the stats, I just don't buy that because I've seen magicians pull rabbits out of hats and I know I just know that rabbit's not in there." - Billy Beane

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      Wish there were evidence that management thought this way. With that said, here's my two cents: a Smithies-like goalie: two wing backs with pace and ability to cross; center backs who create a brick wall of toughness; two midfielders up the middle who have skill and savvy (not a place for on-the job training); one striker with incredible pace and ability to separate from a defender, the other a bona fide goal scorer; and two flanking midfielders with drive and pace. Based not that, would only be intent on keeping Smithies, Hall, Onouha, Furlong, Manning, Freeman, and LuaLua. The idea of having the lunky "tall guy" in the middle doesn't work; creates too many long balls with aimless design, and too few players anticipating the possibilities of where the ball may go. The idea of "youth only" in the middle gets us eaten alive by quality teams. The idea of okay but slow wing backs gets us in trouble whenever the opposing team fields a speedy attacker. In short, a summer vacation in Portugal won't solve the myriad of issues on the club. If we don't recruit smartly in the offseason, and offload the weak and meek, we're going to be fighting relegation again next year.