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    by Published on 18-02-2017 06:13 PM

    The winner has 2 hours to confirm the tickets. Deadline 26th Jan at 7pm, winner needs to claim by 9pm, or the prize will be given to another member.

    WIN: A pair of tickets to QPR v Wigan - Sat 21st Feb (19:45)


    This competition is free to enter.


    1. You must be a regular poster on the site. Previous winners this season are excluded to give others a chance. However you will be back in play if no one claims the prize 24 hours later.
    2. Post single or pair of tickets in this thread to confirm your entry.
    3. All the names go into an electrical box and a random name will be selected.
    4. You must confirm the tickets within the 24 hour deadline, or the seats will be given to someone else.
    5. You can't change your seat location at the stadium.

    Below is the site we use to select the winner.


    Sunday 19th Feb - 19:00.

    The winner will have 2 hours to claim the prize. If not then all members get a chance to win them online at 21:00.
    by Published on 28-01-2017 03:45 PM