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    by Published on 27-03-2015 12:00 PM
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    Hi guys,

    I'm a season ticket holder, but new to WARTB. I've managed to arrange a screening of R Story at one of the cinemas in a cinema chain I work for. So if you haven't yet seen this brilliant film, here's another chance!

    Monday, 7pm at The Gate in Notting Hill. Tickets: https://www.picturehouses.com/cinema...e/film/R-Story

    Be great to see you there!

    by Published on 25-03-2015 03:03 PM
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    Les Ferdinand saying the appointment of Chris Ramsey as head coach was a gamble but he's backing him nonetheless.
    by Published on 24-03-2015 03:27 PM
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    Redknapp on Barton comments and defends reign and Sunderland in the PL.
    by Published on 26-02-2015 05:00 PM
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    The night before last I attended a meeting at Loftus Road between representatives from the Premier League and reps from QPR. In attendance from the Premier League were Kathy Long who is Head of their Supporters Services and Bill Bush who is Director of PL policy. In attendance from QPR were Andy Rees, who is Head of Customer Services for QPR, and a member of his staff who has recently been recruited as a Fans Liaison Officer.

    Attending on behalf of various fans groups were Bill Cox from the Loyal Supporters Association (LSA); Jeremy Gardner from QPR 1st Supporters Trust (QPR 1st); Ron Norris from fans website QPRNet.com; and myself from this website Wearetherangersboys.com (WATRB).

    The meeting kicked off promptly at 6pm and was held in one of the boxes where a view of the Loftus Road pitch could be seen in all its glory. Andy chaired the meeting explaining that in view of the recent announcement of the deal between the Premier League and TV broadcasters, PL reps were going around the various clubs meeting with fans informal chats. He then asked everyone in attendance to introduce themselves, explaining a little of each other’s backgrounds and then Cathy introduced herself, informing us that she has now been the Head of Supporters Services at the PL for 14 years, and that before then she had been a prominent member of the football supporters association. She said that Bill Bush would be joining us shortly as he had been caught in traffic.

    Andy resumed by throwing the meeting open and as expected the first point that came up was kick off times. It was explained how frustrating, from a fans view attending games, the seemingly changing of kick off times effected many and it was at this point that Bill Bush joined everyone. He said that all votes changing anything regarding rule changes, change of policy etc took place in the close season and that so long as 14 votes were carried from the 20 voting Chairmen from all PL clubs, any such changes become effective from that June.

    Cathy went on to say that when the fixtures are announced talks then take place between the TV Broadcasters and clubs and the first batch of Live games are then announced up to around November/December time. It was asked can clubs decline any live games to enable them a bit of power as to which games can be changed and or switched and Bill Bush said that the contract is between the club and tv, effectively meaning that clubs have signed the contracts agreeing to the terms and conditions. In other words, no signing contract means no money which no club would do as it would be effectively professional suicide.

    From the PL perspective the whole thing should be a balance between attending fans and those that do not/cannot attend. The point was raised that there seems to be a lack of traditional 3pm kick off’s on Saturdays, thus leading many supporters to feel a little disenchanted from the game they fell in love with and the PL reps did agree that this was a point that was a bone of contention with many and that a guarantee of so many Saturday games (for each club) is something the various people involved are looking at towards for the future.

    One of the biggest bugbears raised was the issue of change of dates/kick off times being changed (timeframes) when supporters have often already purchased their train tickets weeks (sometimes months) in advance in order to get a good deal/discount on prices. At this moment in time there seems there is no refund policy for those that have purchased tickets in advance for their travel and the lack of redress is most unfair, especially when it seems there are millions (soon to be billions) floating around within the Broadcasters/PL coffers and could there not be a pot of money put aside for such instances? Cathy did acknowledge it was a problem and that they are going to try to redress this with both Broadcasters (regarding good notice for fans) and are looking to engage with train aggregators in the future with regard to some form of refund policy. She did not however give any guarantees, saying it was something they were going to try their best with.

    The subject of potential Live games on Friday nights was raised (as has been reported regarding the new TV rights deal) and Bill Bush explained that due to so many permutations involving games including the Champions League, Europa League, FA and Capital Cup competitions games, there could well be live PL games broadcast on Friday nights when the new deal starts which is in 2016. This being a case of finding broadcasting slots due to the above reasons. There were respective groans regarding this especially travel arrangements etc.

    Cathy then went on to explain about the away fans initiative that was brought in by the PL a year or two ago now. Basically it’s an initiative for away fans on helping to soften the blow regarding travel expenses. For instance the recent free travel that was provided for QPR fans going up to Sunderland on a Tuesday night, and of course, the most recent example of the Hull game. There is a pot of £200,000 for clubs to take advantage of this subsidy and Bill Bush commented on how a club like Stoke are grateful for it because the majority of their fanbase live within a 10 mile radius of the Britannia Stadium, thus making it easy for them to assemble and arrive back there courtesy of the free coach travel. It was agreed it was a great initiative and when the new deal starts it is hoped this will carry on.

    Bill Cox (LSA) did mention that whilst it’s a great scheme, for organisations such as the one he is aligned to (a big part of which is providing away travel to their members) it’s a shame that there isn’t a little subsidy available to such organisations, a point that was noted.

    The issue of games being changed with short notice was touched upon (for instance our game against Chelsea in which many fans feel they have been left in limbo) and Bill Bush said that as the season progresses, the broadcasters have to give notice of 6 weeks regarding any game that they wish to show live (hence time/date changes).

    By now time was getting on (we’d been scheduled an hour) and the poor security guard had started whistling outside in the corridor and so the last couple of points were touched upon. Firstly, from 2016, with all the millions that each PL club will be getting from the deal, the question was asked what will the clubs do with the money? The PL reps did agree that clubs spending such sums on players only would be inadvisable and so therefore there will be a proviso that some of the money will go towards community and development issues. It was acknowledged that many supporters do feel disengaged from players that seem to earn big bucks and have no real understanding of what makes supporters tick, and so it is hoped that under this proviso, clubs will use a percentage of the money towards such issues that might help to build certain bridges between players and fans. A suggestion was also made that maybe some of this percentage of money could go towards implementing a living wage for all employees.

    The question of official live streaming for games on the internet was raised and Bill Bush commented that there is a facility via Sky Go (games being broadcast) but if we’re talking a case of clubs streaming all games officially, then that is not an option at this moment in time because of the potential of such a thing having a detrimental effect upon attendances, plus also the need to protect grass roots football.

    Whilst on the subject of grass roots football the question was asked about regarding money/payments that go from the ‘pot’ down to the FL. Bill Bush said that at the moment around £46m is given to the football league/clubs and that when the new deal takes place the figure will be around £60m (pro rata basis). It was pointed out that surely the figure should be on a percentage rate (which would work out better for the lower league clubs) and this was noted.

    The Football Conference also have a ‘pot’ (via the PL) that they can call upon (around £6m) so that clubs which need any stadium improvements etc, especially if they find themselves in a position of potential promotion and need money urgently for any kind of refurb, have this available to them.

    By now time was getting on and it was time to finish up. I had not known exactly what to expect beforehand but it turned out to be an interesting and enjoyable hour and a quarter. Thanks to Andy for his hospitality and to the Premier League reps that turned out to meet with QPR fans.

    If anyone has any questions then ask away and I hope this has provided for an interesting read.
    by Published on 19-02-2015 03:07 PM
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    Minutes from the latest fans websites/fanzines/podcasts meeting with club's media team held at Loftus Road on Tuesday February 17

    In attendance:

    Ian Taylor and Paul Morrissey from QPR comms department.
    Steve Sayce, IndyRs
    Ian Gamber, QPR Report
    David Fraser, QPR Podcast
    Richard Hennessey, Not 606
    Clive Whittingham, LoftforWords
    Ron Norris, QPRNet
    Matthew Woolf, WATRB
    Saffa Michail, qprdot.org

    Chris Ramsey official announcement timing

    IT – The club couldn't report CR's appointment until CR had signed his contract. Other media outlets reported it as a done deal before that but the club couldn't do so until the contract was signed. This is common practice

    IT raised a hypothetical situation where the club announces a signing before a contract is signed thereby allowing that signing to potentially up their demands and back the club into a corner. The club will therefore only announce signings when the contract is signed. On this occasion contracts passed between numerous lawyers and the LMA and took time. The club has previously interviewed potential signings, taken the pictures, written the stories, only for the deal to fall through so they are extremely careful about the timing of official announcements.

    SS – On this occasion it seemed odd because the BBC reported it, and Joey Barton Tweeted it.

    PM – Joey's Tweet was from Joey in front of the TV, watching Sky reporting it had happened. The players find out as anybody else finds out, they're not told individually. He saw it reported and thought it had been confirmed.

    IT – If we'd then told Joey to take that down, it would have sparked more rumours about whether the deal has fallen through.

    IT also pointed out that Sky reported Nigel Pearson had been sacked.

    RN – Agrees this was a bit different because it was the BBC reporting it, rather than certain other news organisations.

    IT – Chris Ramsey is running everything through the media team so they have a decent hold on what information is going out of the club.

    Twitter usage

    IT – This remains an issue for the media team and fans. Not all clubs have a chairman on Twitter, which makes it a bigger issue for QPR. The media team would like official news to come from official website and Twitter feeds first and then be retweeted, but there are challenges.

    IG/MW – Brought up negative feedback that Tony Fernandes' Tweets can provoke.

    CW – Raised Tweets from Tony Fernandes on a variety of issues - an involvement in kit design, change of badge design, dream manager etc – that haven't come to fruition and the damage that causes. And also that some of the responses he receives can portray the QPR fanbase negatively because of a loud minority who may abuse him on there.

    SS/IG – Said there is some unpleasant stuff going TF's way on Twitter now.

    RN – Said there's a perception, after the recent Tweets about potential new managers who were under consideration, that TF is almost 'running the club via Twitter'.

    DF – While not having a problem with him releasing news because it's his club and he's excited, DF agrees the stuff he says that then doesn't happen is most damaging because he loses credibility.

    RH – Says most fans are now in a situation where they'd rather just find out by surprise when it happens and it's official because of all the rumours that float around the club.

    Stadium Wifi

    IT - Recent trial with app that allowed QPR supporters to get online on a matchday, look up results etc has come to an end. There were six clubs trialling it. It was a success, with good feedback, however the numbers required to make a return on a permanent investment are nigh on impossible to achieve. The club recognises Wifi needs to be an option in the stadium, but right now there isn't a viable option.

    IG Suggested another company he knows that is rolling out technology that might work and IT and PM noted this to look into. IT and PM have discussed this with webmaster David Scriven in wake of meeting. Club have already met the company and the way the offer is packaged is unusable for QPR due to the limitations in being able to provide website advertising packages.

    DF – Did voice frustration that the interactive elements that are available - hashtags, match stats, MOTM votes etc - are currently only available in the middle of the first half or second half when nobody is on their phones. Recognises that this remains a problem for all events with a crowd.

    London Call-In

    IT – Used to be weekly Thursday night, now being changed slightly to monthly shows from Harlington. This provides greater access to players as it was a challenge to get them to the ground Thursday night, particularly before Saturday away games as Thursday night is the last time with their family before travelling. There's a one off at Loftus Road this week with Tony Fernandes and Les Ferdinand. If there is a one-off situation where a former player is in from abroad, the dates and times of the show can be flexible.

    Player involvement is key to the show's success. In the Premier League the rights situation around highlights, which used to be a key part of the show in the Championship, is much stricter and is monitored.

    The club doesn't get too much feedback on the show, so a lot of it is guesswork and trial and error. IT and PM would welcome feedback.

    PM - Can't do it live from the training ground because of the Wifi strength. Also now done during the day when the players are accessible.

    Chicago Fire Friendly

    SS – Reported that some QPR fans were turned away from the training ground while Chicago fans and guests were allowed in.

    PM – Harry Redknapp brought in EDS and U21 games should be open to the fans at the training ground. They are all available for fans to come and watch.

    On this occasion it was unclear how many would turn up as Chicago promoted it. Usually it's only a handful. QPR stopped publicising it as they couldn't be sure how many would show up, but security were told to use common sense and allow QPR fans who did turn up to come in and watch the game. Security were told to call the press team with any concerns and didn't. The first time the club was aware of a problem was when PM received an e-mail from SS.

    There were 150 people there in the end which is significantly more than usual.

    SS has since contacted the club and admitted that, following further discussions, there is now some doubt as to whether any fans were actually "turned away" by security.


    IT – The club leaves the Football League Interactive (FLI) agreement in 2017. There are meetings in March and April with website providers to see where the club can take the site once the current deal ends. The site is one of the best under the FLI banner because QPR has spent money developing it, but there are still huge issues. There will be a new website for 2017/18 season. There will be a nine to 15 month lead time on development for that so the comms team will be making decisions in next six to eight months regarding layout, style, content etc. The comms team is meeting web providers who look after Premier League clubs and non-football clubs as well.

    Press Conferences

    IT – Praised the refreshing approach to the press conferences of Chris Ramsey.

    MW raised a concern that you can't hear the questions. IT said they can't mic up the journalist's as they're often typing and it would distort the audio too much.

    PM - Even Sky don't mic the journos up for that reason.

    Fan Behaviour

    There was a discussion about incidents in away ends at certain grounds – specific incidents at Charlton, Southampton and Stoke were raised – and how the club can go about tackling this.

    Several expressed wish to see awareness of the importance of behaviour at away matches promoted and worked on.

    Various people raised incidents of drug usage at home and away games, its effect on the support, how it looks to children and families trying to be introduced to following QPR regularly and so on.

    There was discussion around the text number people can use anonymously, but the reaction to that on Twitter and elsewhere when it's promoted is negative and a sense of "grassing on your own" and targeting people who just want to come and support the team. Also promotes a negative perception of the club and the support which, generally speaking, isn't warranted.


    Plans afoot for more former player visits and half time appearances at home games. The fiftieth anniversary of Jim Gregory being appointed chairman was raised by IG and plans are now afoot to mark that.

    MW said that Don Masson and Don Givens were the only members of the 75/76 team not to have been welcomed back officially. IT said it wasn't for want of trying but contact details were exchanged and new efforts will be made.


    Thanks to Clive Whittingham for taking the minutes.
    by Published on 05-02-2015 01:14 AM
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    Attended the event this evening. Firstly, it was a shame Joey wasn't there. That aside, though, was pretty enjoyable. The film itself was very very good, a lot better than I actually expected to be honest!

    A little bit of background on the making of this 60 minute film; the film was produced by the Octavia Foundation in partnership with the QPR in the Community Trust and involved the help of 35 young (mainly unemployed) young people from the West London area (I think facto may have been one of the cameramen actually)?!

    If I remember what they said correctly, the initial funding came from the Hoops Fund which began with the buckets outside the stadium situation we found ourselves in some 10 years or so back. That, topped up (and I imagine vastly exceeded in terms of monetary value!) with grants from both the Professional Footballers Association & the Heritage Lottery fund, enabled the Octavia Foundation to create the production.

    The film started out introducing QPR as a club and explaining a bit about our history which, I personally, actually found quite educating (for example I didn't realise we have had more home grounds than any other club in the football league) and also explained how we were formed, before going onto talk about how we are, traditionally, a "family club". They spoke with the Gallen family (including Kevin & Steve), Les Ferdinand, Rodney Marsh, Mark Lazarus & Joey Barton about the club & its' traditions and their experiences playing for the Rs. I am far from his biggest fan but I have to admit Joey spoke very and explained how we admittedly had very limited knowledge of our club & what we were about before he joined but has learnt a lot about our history & local roots etc.

    They show some great old clips (plenty of Rodney & Stan which I quite enjoyed as I've not seen much of their footage before) including some footage from the 67 League Cup final.

    There is also input from a few Rs fans, such as Robert Elms, Garfield Hackett (not the cat) & Ariel Friedlander. Robert Elms, in particular, spoke very well & explained how the local area is still very much a multi-cultural & working class place, one of the few remaining areas of London that hasn't been "gentrified", as, say, Notting Hill, has.

    There was a bit of a strange digress onto talking about the Hillsborough disaster (loosely linked by referring to a match at home to West Ham when we had a plastic pitch and 2,000 fake tickets were printed causing over crowding in the lower school end I believe). Found that bit a tad out of context I must say.

    There is some discussion on the influx of Sky money and how, for all its' benefits, it has seemingly distanced the players from the fans, with the relationship / bond between the 2 being far more distant than it ever used to be.

    My personal favourite part of the film focuses on "that day" at Wembley last year which I must admit made my hairs stand on end watching again! Also gave me an almost overwhelming urge to break out into a chorus of "ooo Bobby Zamora"

    One of the final scenes they manage to sneak in a bit of pro-Old Oak Common stuff, stating how we need to move away from Loftus Road to move progress & not fall behind other clubs in terms of progressing as a club, and stating that we are lucky to have found a bit of land to enable us to do so still within the Hammersmith & Fulham borough.

    All in all I think it's a very good watch. Well worth a watch when it comes out (it is being screened in a couple of small West London cinemas in the next couple of weeks I believe) for all ages as it is insightful to our history for the younger fans, and also the older fans will be able to relate to the content relating to how the game has changed over the years in terms of the fans / player relationships & how that seems to be getting ever more distant as more money creeps into the game. I'm sure the reminiscing that comes with the old clips will be enjoyable too!

    After the screening the Director of the project said a few words & let us ask the young local lads that helped produce the show a few questions. Nobody had too much to ask really, namely a few regards who they found most interesting to speak to / interview etc (a couple said Lazarus, one Barton & one Harry).

    From a social point of view, it was great to hear from these lads how much they had learnt from the experience, with one of them even gaining employment with a nationwide media outlet off the back of the project. The work was all voluntary but they have all learnt a huge amount about the media & film industry which they all seem over the moon with.

    All in all seemed a very worthwhile cause & I recommend a viewing of The QPR Story if / when you can!

    Preview for the film is on the official, link below:

    by Published on 27-01-2015 09:47 PM
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    QPR Media Release - Tuesday 27th January 2015


    QPR Chairman Tony Fernandes welcomes latest boost to new stadium plans,
    as club launches Old Oak regeneration campaign video

    QPR Chairman Tony Fernandes has welcomed the comments by Chief of Staff and Deputy Mayor for the Mayor of London - Sir Edward Lister, that Old Oak regeneration should be stadium-led – ‘we would like to see one (a stadium)’ – in a significant boost to the club’s hopes of building a new stadium near Loftus Road.

    Old Oak Common has been identified as an area where the club’s new home can be housed, and Fernandes confirmed work continues on what would be a multi-billion pound regeneration project, which will deliver much more than just a stadium, also providing thousands of homes, creating tens of thousands of jobs and providing community facilities.

    Today the club launch a new film that shows how new stadia such as the Olympic Park and the Emirates Stadium can deliver regeneration – and why the same can happen at Old Oak if QPR move there.

    “This is another important boost to our plans, and to the overall plan of regenerating Old Oak – London’s forgotten quarter,” Fernandes told www.qpr.co.uk.

    “I spent last Tuesday at various meetings and I’m more optimistic that things are falling into place.”

    The club plans to transform a large area of under-used land at Old Oak into a thriving and sustainable new quarter for London – with a new stadium acting as the catalyst for new homes, businesses, schools, health facilities and jobs for local people.

    QPR are working with the three local Boroughs, the Greater London Authority and local groups to ensure that community benefits are at the heart of the club’s scheme.

    “We have worked hard and things are moving in the right direction,” Fernandes added.

    “What I can say to our fans is that it’s a daily project with daily effort.

    “We have a separate team led by Mark Donnelly (QPR’s COO) and Antony Spencer (Stadium Capital Developments), and we have the support of key decision makers, who we will continue to work closely with to make it happen.

    “There is a compelling argument for how a new stadium will transform the area.

    “I am confident we will find a way to work with the major landowners there, so I remain optimistic that we will find a way to deliver this dream.”

    Sir Ed Lister is quoted from an article that will appear in the Financial Times on Wednesday 28th January 2015.

    An online version of the article can be found by visiting http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/a73f05a6-a...#axzz3Q0qAKJby