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  1. European Migrant Crisis

    The South-East of England is absolutely chock-a-block. Its infrastructure is already at bursting point. Anyone wanting to take in any more needs to answer the questions:

    1) Where will they be housed?
    2) Where will their children be schooled?
    3) Which GP's, nurses and hospitals will attend to their medical needs?
    4) Where will they fit onto the already packed trains and buses?
    5) Where will their cars fit onto the already packed roads?

    This ...
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  2. 31st July On Smarkets

  3. Huddersfield vs QPR Betting Preview

    Chris Ramsey will be looking for a reaction from his players as QPR travel to Huddersfield on Saturday, following a dismal 2-1 loss to League 2 Carlisle in the week. Admittedly it was far from a full strength side on Tuesday night as 10 changes were made from the side that beat Rotherham 3 days before, but QPR fans would have still expected their team to be in the hat when the draw was made for the 3rd round on Tuesday evening.

    Saturday will be only the third meeting between the Hoops ...

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