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  1. Sebastien Bethong

    According to Sportsmail QPR have begun talks with Spurs for a move for Sebastien Bethong
  2. You need to register to view the forum today, no guest access.

    If you would like to view this site today you will need to login, if you don't have an account please email: with a Username that you'd like to use.

    We have to many guests that view the site and results in slowing the site, to make it fair we will only allow access to members only tomorrow.

    No guests will be able to view the site which will keep the forum running faster.

    We have a big back log of emails from today and we are working ...
  3. Wigan build-up show listen here for free

  4. Joey Barton on The Road To Wigan Pier with QPR

  5. *** qpr community trust and how to raise 200,000!!!!!!***

    Posted by Nobby on the forum.

    In the spirit that the new owners have taken on board the concerns of the support and the announcement today with regards to a refund on season ticket prices I would like to propose an idea that anybody that gets a refund can opt for say 20% of this refund to be paid into the QPR Community Trust. Such donations could also benefit from Gift Aid as the Trust is a registered charity. So come on you fellow hoops, lets get behind this idea as our 'thank you' ...