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  1. beautiful trevs funeral

    i decided not to go today,funerals are a sometimes
    ok,but if i really love someone too much i find them too painfull too attend sometimes,but gentle trev
    here my words you are never going to be forgotten,and at exactly 13,45 i say a pray for you
    i can imagine all the rangers ,at the doo,i can see all there sad faces,i can feel all that emotion

  2. yesterday

    it was such a pleasure to see my rangers play
    we used to win home and away
    how i remember yesterday
    we are not half the team we used to be
    is it because we dont have rod or stanley
    or maybe givens thomas masson or gerry
    oh i remember yesterday
    why did we have to buy ageyman i just dont know
    along with that carthorse hulse whos far to slow
    our dreams now rest with a man with a magic nose
    but god ...
  3. Sebastien Bethong

    According to Sportsmail QPR have begun talks with Spurs for a move for Sebastien Bethong
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  5. Wigan build-up show listen here for free