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  1. Derry reveals how Redknapp trains his squad

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    Stanley, upon re-reading the above interview from Derry, it appears that while Derry was still with us, HR was physically present in the training sessions and observing, but not doing much coaching himself. I did misread the part about being present, but not the part about coaching.

    In Derry's own words, "“Redknapp does not play much active part in coaching. He is there, watching absolutely everything, every single minute whether he takes the session or not."

    Do you
  2. Part 3...

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    All good to know because i have a mate who is an 80 year old black Chinese gay muslim woman who only yesterday started supporting the mighty R's and was worried about the kind of welcome she was going to get...ill tell her to come on over and join in!
    Good to hear you have such culturally and ethnically diverse QPR friends Vblock!

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    Hate to think what this means for those that post at 6am!
    Well these are our extra keen early-bird customers - we like to
  3. Part two...

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    ...and like all busy pubs, our clientele is wide and diverse:

    You have the regulars of course, some of whom practically live in here - the virtual alcoholics who we eventually have to recommend the 12-step programme to.

    Then you have the ones who like to drop by for a natter over a lunchtime pint and sometimes a swift half after work.

    Then there's the busy evening trade and as the majority of customers are on GMT it usually stays very busy until about
  4. This place reminds me of being down the pub

    Quote Originally Posted by Stanley76 View Post every way, except that it's a virtual one instead of a real one.

    It's only frequented by QPR fans though. We do sometimes get an away fan wander in but if they don't behave then the bouncers quickly move them into a small room at the back for the away fans, but of course the QPR fans are allowed to share banter with them in there so long as everyone behave themselves.

    One of the advantages is that you can enter this QPR pub at any time of day or night and you'll
  5. British Queen - Time of First Goal (Any Team) - Week 8

    Competition: Time of 1st Goal - Any team (Free to Enter)

    Prize: Free Pint in the British Queen

    To Enter: Copy & Paste the competition from the last member to post, in this case it's me, put your username next to the time of the first goal in the match, I'll start.

    Winner last week: N/A

    12. MYU
    14. ...