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  1. Midfield, what midfield?

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    With all our supposed wealth of midfield talent we don't have one player that can pick the ball up in a central area and drive at defenders with it a la Gerry Francis, Gerrard, Robson etc - defenders HATE that. Barton and Carroll never do this yet are always played centrally. Our only player who comes close to having this ability is Phillips but he was wasted on the wing yesterday with no one to cross it to. The one time he did begin a run from a central area it resulted in probably the best chance
  2. r.i.p russell moore

    hi everyone im russells sister
    we would all like to thank for your kind words and
    support russ was a gentle giant and a friend to
    everybody . A life time supporter of qpr
    russ's funeral is on the 10th dec at 1.45 st andrews church
    cobham then onto randells crem leatherhead.
    the wake is to be held at downside club afterwards
    all flowers to be sent to james&thomas funeral directors
    at least 2 hours before the service if u need anymore ...
  3. trev kingham

    i think now im nearly 60 years of age i look back on my life and out of thousands of people i have known
    trev kingham was probabley number one in terms of being a love machine
    he just loved everybody he was unbelievable in that sense,he was gentle and kind
    and i loved him so very much,i will never recover from the loss of him
    only his twin brother pete could understand trully where i am comming from
    the memory of trev as enlightened my life and also when i was ...
  4. Ever the Optomist

    When I requested to join this Group I was asked a question which is quite understandable however I was advised that my Answer was invalid
    I had answered the correct team we are playing in the last game of the Season but felt that answer might be wrong so I added
    Whoever we get in the Final of the FA Cup!
  5. WATRB interviews Max Ehmer, Tom Hitchcock and Frankie Sutherland (audio)

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    QPR kindly invited WATRB, LoftForWords and QPRnet down to Harlington last Thursday to hold interviews with three of the younger players - Max Ehmer, Tom Hitchcock and Frankie Sutherland. Thanks to the club's press & media manager Paul Morrissey for arranging it: