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  1. Warren Farm Judicial Review Decision

    Quote Originally Posted by QPRDave View Post
    Those ####s will object you know they will
    I think they need to accept that its happening and based apon all the other rulings in the high court, It would be very unlikely that they would get anything different.

    But getting very close now!
  2. For the love of God, bench Mackie and Washington now

    Quote Originally Posted by Qprtanpa1 View Post
    Why is this such a difficult decision to make when itís clear for all to see? Mackie is a great guy whoís never been a scorer and is near the end of his playing days. Washington has almost no goal production 2+ years into it, after being given every chance to show it. Ngbkota is usually outmatched on both sides of the ball. Cousins may be the victim of being played out of position, but for one so highly regarded coming in heís been a relative bust. And Smith just canít go the distance versus
  3. dont count your chickens ollie

    lets be proffessional and secure two one nil victories in the next two home games lets play one up front with big matt smith and use conner in midfield to break through and to link up with matty
  4. beat the carrot crunchers and we go fourth

    tiger midfield and strength in attack
    forget about our defiicencies at the back
    lets teach these carrott tops we are going up for sure
    so lovely to see these fabulous games are watching so much total bore

    ollies time has come
    qprs adopted son
    will take us up as we finish second to blood and guts warnock, hes sowed up the league already
    but lets not get too carried away,lets keep it steady

    so go on ollie baby,lets defeat these ...
  5. If you're going to sack a manager...

    FAR better to do it now than 10 games or more into a new season.

    Let's review Fernandes record of QPR managers so far:


    ALL of them brought in midway through seasons. Throughout his tenure it has always been this firefighting and reactive (to fan pressure) approach. Never an approach with any clear foresight, vision and informed planning. Just lurching and stumbling blind from one mess ...
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