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  1. Doncaster Match Preview

    Saturday 20th February 2010
    The Coca Cola Championship
    Loftus Road Stadium
    Kick-off: 15:00
    Referee: D Whitestone
    Queens Park Rangers (19th) V Doncaster Rovers (10th)
    By The Godfather

    Trust QPR to eclipse tonight's live episode of Eastenders for drama and excitement! It certainly has been a rollercoaster season so far and all Rs fans will be hoping that today's fantastic news about Ishan Saksena's appointment will prove to be a massive turning ...
  2. Hooray, the Champions League is back

    Tonight sees the return of the Champions League and this means more football on the TV during midweek and more misery for my better half as I will want to watch it. Seen as the round's games have been split over two weeks that means midweek games both this and next week and I predict me glued to the soft in my front room watching as much of it as I can.
    Looking at this week's games I think the first leg ties are going to end:
    AC Milan 1 Man Utd 2
    Lyon 1 Real Madrid 1
  3. Familiar-looking top four

    It is looking familiar at the top of the Premier League now and I fear it could remain that way by the end of the season. While there are currently discussions underway about introducing a play-off for the final Champions League place, I think that could be an interesting proposition but is unlikely to be introduced, as managers would not want the season extending any longer than it currently is.

    I think this season the top four will be Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool ...
  4. Out of Stock?

    I've still got some pictures in my back catalog and I'm hoping to set up a few photo-shoots soon, but I could do with some genuine fan photos for the QPR Girls web site.

    Get your wife, girlfriend (or both) in some hoops or even your mum, daughter or bar-maid and get 6-12 images in.

    Some basic details can be found at and you can always get in touch if you need more info.

    U Rsssss

  5. Latest Unconfirmed Rumour

    Quote Originally Posted by qblockpete View Post
    Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze will no longer be in existence next season.

    Also, strong possibilities slight drop on season ticket prices.
    Katie Price is taking over, it's all gonna be pink.