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  1. Barton + Mbia

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    bless. he's obviously taken twitter's 'follow joseph barton' instruction a bit too literally...!

    Joey arrived in Marseille 5 mins ago, telling everyone on Twitter its very warm down there!
  2. Goodbye magninicent viking

    we are going to miss you geezer you blead for fun
    who now if cisse gets injured will be our deadly gun
    watching shots sail over the bar will be a weekly event
    and watching pases going astray knowing they wernt meant

    goodbye friendly viking we will never forget you
  3. Blackburn Season Tickets Being Advertised On This Site?

    I was on this site earlier and I saw an advert at the top if the page advertising Blackburn season tickets for 220, anyone know what this is about?
  4. Fantasy Footy League

    Anyone interested in making a fantasy footy league via the sun for next season? No money involved just fun and will be a great laugh. Inbox me if interested and I will give you the details nearer the time. Cheers, Liam.
  5. brian bedford

    one of the best things about this site is that the great brian bedford posts on here
    i wished they could give him a testimonial,in his days footballers didnt earn much money
    and the game was so much tougher,refs didnt protect the target men
    so people like brian would get regular stitches in there head,and then they would go out and play the second half,with there heads all bandaged
    ive seen players open up there stiched head with yet another clash of heads
    with ...