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  1. to the man with the great big blue hat

    some teams have a mascot,our team has a black cat
    but my beautifull benjeman we have your big blue hat
    i would like you to join our message board what do you think of that

    you could start of your posting career
    by calling factomondo,halo dear
    he might think your a little queer
    but soon he will ask you out for a beer

    ol facto is the friendlist geezer youll ever meet
    he will give you a cuddle, hes ever so sweet
    so what ...
  2. Cargil Cars

    Cargil Cars agreed to sponsor this website, they failed to make payment, so the advert and blog advertising was removed after 2 months free advertising.
  3. Oh lord one more i pray

    Im praying for a man whose cot was blue and white
    im praying for you to save my kennies sight
    a glass broke against the wall
    losing his sight aint no good at all

    kenny is the toughest man ive ever known
    ive never heard my kenny moan
    the fruit and veg buisness has never grown
    a more beautifull fruit you could never own

    so there it is lord my simple prayer
    for a man who wears qpr underwear
    he needs his sight so that ...
  4. CISSE

    CISSE every game you play in you score your more lethal than any striker in our history

    a bit like clive allens goal in the semi that goal
    against stoke will always remain in my memory

    after the game i cuddled my lovely victor,he cried in my arms,that was a mystery
    also i got a big kiss from beefy
    i met south oxhey r and he called me harry
    finished the day off in egertons cuddling big gary
  5. Getting to Know The people You Chat To

    Quote Originally Posted by MYU View Post
    Knowing Me Knowing You - Some Questions for the Members
    Years ago on the old Official Forum, we did a thread with a series of questions for the members. A fun way to find out a bit about the people we chat to every day on the board.

    I have devised a set of questions for you all to have a go at. You don't have to answer them all if you don't want to.


    Here are the questions, copy and paste them into a