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  1. At PL level the number one issue is ball retention

    If we dont greatly improve in that area we will go straight back down, no doubt about that. Too many flicks and quick passes that dont come off and we lose possession. Bolton were better in that department and that was the fundamental difference between the sides. In the PL if you make unforced errors and give the ball away cheaply you dont get it back for a long time and you get punished.

    I highlighted this as a problem area last season but the difference in the championship is that ...
  2. My QPR-supporting background

    Doubt that I would have ever come to support QPR without learning English properly. I attended an “English-biased” school but what really pushed me towards choosing to continue studying English at the university level was when the Finnish TV showed the Jeeves and Wooster series in my last two school years. This may seem strange but you should know that the local TV showed practically nothing from the West until the Soviet Union crumbled and only those who lived in Tallinn, right across ...
    Personal Ramblings!
  3. Fantasy football leagues

    50 have now joined the Premiership Fantasy League. 13 days to go to our first match in the big time, we're all talk on this site about who we should play or not,so now is the time to pit your whits against each other.
    Don't forget there is a head to head league running as well as the Sky Sports League.
  4. QPR Pundit

    This season I will be running a prediction competition whereby you predict the score of each of QPRs 38 Premiership matches. Entry is 5 (I will send details around at a later date) and all of the money will be used for prizes.

    If you predict the correct result but not the correct score you will get 2 points (e.g. if you predict QPR to win 1-0 against Bolton but it finishes 2-0 you will get 2 points). If you predict the correct score correctly you will get 3 points (e.g. you predict ...

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  5. Fantasy football leagues

    I have set up 3 WATRB fantasy football leagues

    Sky Sports fantasy league Pin 8000845

    Premier League fantasy league

    Pin No 85963-30983

    and a Premier league head to head

    WATRB head to head league.