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  1. QPR in the Community Trust


    Please see link with information regarding a match day fundraiser this Saturday for Registered Charity QPR in the Community Trust (1127806):,00.html

    At the match we will also be celebrating the Tiger Cubs birthday and presenting the cheque from last years Tiger Feet Walk to Watford.,00.html

    As ever, thanks so much for all your fantastic support, ...
  2. Fulham v QPR (Audio Pre-Match Build-up) FREE

    If you'd like to listen to the audio, click on the link below and scroll down to the icon and press play.

    It will play on all platforms including all mobile phones so that you can listen to it on the way to work.
  3. jan 24th

    jan 24th 1969
    away to charlton but a game ill never forget,right in the middle of skinheadism,im ironing my green and white checked brutus shirt
    and im going to put on my doctor martins and my white sta press,having listened to my tighten up trojen reggae album i was on the crest of a wave
    i was so exited to be going to the biggest football ground in england
    charlton athletic a whopping 72 thousand capacity
    yes yes yes i met up with about three hundred skins all ...
  4. QPR v A Villa Audio Build-up Show (Free)

    If you missed the build-up show on QPR Player before the game then you can listen to it here on the link below free.

    The audio did cut off for about 10 minutes so I've created two parts. (10 mins missed)

    Scroll down to the audio link and press play, also works on both Iphone and Android phones, no wi-fi needed so listen to it on the way to work.
  5. wolves away

    no matter what the people say ill never forget wolves away
    defence was sound midfield and strikers was worth twenty million pound
    reminded me of 1975 when thomas bowles and co ripped them apart
    what a fantastic performance we dominated from the start
    neil warnock has really done the buiseness here
    ill bet
    he has done everything but put the ball in the net
    swp is almost certainly the best winger or that is my tip
    forget thomas and sinton,this ...