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  1. fa hearing

    well i hope you guys are all happy seating
    as you sit down to this cosy meeting
    the argentinian fa dont have the same rules as you
    so why cant the english clubs trade happily too

    if man utd do something you simply sat thats ok
    but if west ham or little qpr do something you want to ruin there day

    cant common sense be left to prevail
    this new stratergy is doomed to fail

    let us have our day
    if we go up in the prem ...
  2. A Brief History

    Vauxhall Motors 1-1
    On penalties got done
    Birchams Blue Hair
    Couldn't get us there
    At Cardiff Cheated
    R's defeated
    Oli came and Oli went
    On R's success he was hell bent
    Can't count the gaffers past
    Only needed one to last
    Then Warnock came & Tarbs to
    20th in the league soo much to do
    A few more joined and belief grew
    A season latter Who'd of knew?
    Rangers win their silverware
    Only trophy ...
  3. Gianni

    gianni i know your heart is true
    and i know your own code of ethics you value
    the fa result will not take away your input
    and lets get the fa onto the wrong foot
    warnock and adel were two of our best buys
    and these two geezers both bought buy you
    so dont thrown in the towell what ever you do
    no matter what ever the result you hold your head high
    and ill always be thankfull to you to the day i die
    you kickstarted our return to the prem ...
  4. another qpr fantatastical fan performance

    a great performance at watford by qpr fans

    moons was on fire,and it was all good natured
  5. all rangers fans

    so many sad faces yesterday... anyone would think we were relegated lol..... remember this is qpr