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  1. QPR fans charged 20p to take a leak.

  2. Thoughts Following The Takeover

    Almost 4 years ago, we were full of high spirits when Flavio announced, "we are fully aware of the history of QPR and the loyal fanbase that it has and are totally committed to bringing future success back to the club."

    The truth is he lacked the commitment to actually get to know the clubs fanbase and treated many distainly with comments like "20 pound fans" and felt that by increasing season ticket prices we should all be grateful that we had least reached ...
  3. well

    well today tony baby bought our club,i hope ive not been to nasty to bernie and flav
    after all they did bring in the mittals ,but i got very frusterated with them not buying us routledge or giving neil any money
    but lets look to the future and say thanks bernie and flav
    you did do us a lot of good,
    so go in peace ,be lucky,and always think of us
    remember jethro,swanners,factomondo,benny boy,geejaybee,shania,brighton ranger,kerill
    myu,scott jones,etc etc ...
  4. Everton Preview

    couple of games spring to mind instantly against Everton for me, one where we got battered 5-1 in 1978 with Bob Latchford getting 4 goals and the other when Les Ferdinand completed his double hat-trick in April 1993. We did have a couple of players in Andy Sinton and Bradley Allen also get hat-tricks against Everton in the early nineties, but a clear indication of how much football has changed in that time is the fact we are now massive underdogs to get any kind of result at Goodison Park on Saturday. ...
  5. At PL level the number one issue is ball retention

    If we dont greatly improve in that area we will go straight back down, no doubt about that. Too many flicks and quick passes that dont come off and we lose possession. Bolton were better in that department and that was the fundamental difference between the sides. In the PL if you make unforced errors and give the ball away cheaply you dont get it back for a long time and you get punished.

    I highlighted this as a problem area last season but the difference in the championship is that ...