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  1. Spurs Build-up Show (Audio from QPR Player)

    I'm really sorry but the auido quality seems to be really low but gets better as the show goes on, it seemed fine whilst it was being recorded.

    I will double check before recording the next show and you may need to turn up your speakers to the full.

    Click on the link below and scroll down to the audio link.
  2. i cant

    i cant beleive the feeling after the qpr v chelsea game i kept on recollecting the score
    in my dreams it was absolutely magic

    thank you man in the sky i owe you one for that
    i must do lots of good now for the following week
  3. QPR v CHELSEA Build-up Show

    If you've missed the show on QPR Player then listen here for free on

    Guests Paul Furlong & Kevin Gallen.

    Scroll down and press play on the link.
  4. chelsea today

    one hour before the start
    and im dreading that chelsea will tear us apart
    only the great adel can score a magic goal
    but will he get a virus and disapear like a mole
    i look to the great god in the sky
    but soon i will be asking the same old word why
    does it always happen to us
    we havent seen much of the open topped bus
    45 years since our wembley success
    can we this time get out of this mess
    can we hold long enough
    to rebuild ...
  5. terrified

    im tryinmg to put a brave face on it,but the next three games are really frightening,if we lose all three,we will be one position above the bottom three,usually i can put myself into a state of optimism.
    but ive been having nightmares this week,i keep seeing us lose 0-2 0r 0-3 over and over again
    i am just hoping for a miracle,so we will just have to see in three games time
    have we have i predicted lost all three or have we played brilliantly and picked up some points