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  1. well

    well finally dave mcintyre has confirmed something that i have always maintained
    that gianni brought in warnock ,so you can see that gi gi has done some good,so lets hope he dont get booed so much now

    but my bigest fear as we go into july 2011 is that we may lose warnock i think he is getting sadley destroyed by the meddling of briatore
    i do hope we dont loose warnock hes such a brilliant manager
  2. Godfather's Column

    Published 30 June 2011

    The Godfather's Column

    Please give us some signings!

    One only has to look at the WATRB message board to sense the frustration amongst the QPR fanbase. Why has there been a lack of transfer activity? Where is the ambition? It is clear that Warnock will have to strengthen his squad if Rangers are to avoid relegation next season. But is he really receiving the necessary financial backing from Briatore and Ecclestone? Do they even intend
  3. On Talksport

    Quote Originally Posted by stan_bowles View Post
    HA9 been on has he?.

    Still a lemon even now!
  4. Roman Abramovich sacks Andre Villas-Boas and appoints a foetus as Chelsea manager.

    Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has sacked his new manager Andre Villa-Boas for being too old. The 33 year had been in the job 12 hours before he got his marching orders.

    The ex-Porto schoolboy, who has never kicked a ball himself, had developed a winning mentality by managing a 'Dream Team' on his Game Boy Console. His Cool Dude XI beat Barcelona 69-0 to win the Virtual Champions League Cup last season.

    But after his first day at Stamford Bridge he had won nothing. ...

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  5. victors birthday

    its my victors 60th birthday hes got so much love to give
    hes got his queens park rangers he needs them to live
    but if you need a favour,or if life has kicked you in the teeth
    he'll show you much kindness ,hes beyond beleith
    victor im looking forward to your 70th in ten years from now
    and i just hope im there to celebrate it,if im still alive, we will know how