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  1. im

    im going for a three nil victory against chelsea
    lets see if we can really produce the best performance of the season
  2. is there

    is there anyway in the world that we can beat spurs,i hope
    if zamora goes of his head they wont be able to cope
    maybe he could chest the ball down to the man with the golden fleece
    wonders will never cease
    lets give spurs a welcome they will never forget
    as we bury the ball into the back of the net
  3. well

    well i watched the game in the pub and i was so so proud of them and the fans singing was awsome
    when loftus road is up its really up plus my prediction for the great seventeeen point quest is still on target
    next we need to beat west brom..............
  4. ok im

    ok im going to use my great phycic energy to predict the swansea result

    im getting two nil to the superhoops but im not sure of the goalscorers

    but i think it will be mackie zamora or tarrabt

    or can it be three nil and all three of these players score
  5. well

    well amazingly i predicted the man utd score correct i say amazingly because i always get all the scores wrong could it be that the spririt of the great jim gregory is working with me

    if you are there jim please help us if we can stay up and continue this form next season we could mid table it