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  1. Fantasy Footy League

    Anyone interested in making a fantasy footy league via the sun for next season? No money involved just fun and will be a great laugh. Inbox me if interested and I will give you the details nearer the time. Cheers, Liam.
  2. brian bedford

    one of the best things about this site is that the great brian bedford posts on here
    i wished they could give him a testimonial,in his days footballers didnt earn much money
    and the game was so much tougher,refs didnt protect the target men
    so people like brian would get regular stitches in there head,and then they would go out and play the second half,with there heads all bandaged
    ive seen players open up there stiched head with yet another clash of heads
    with ...
  3. Alan..................... ....... No no no

    cant believe that the geezer that used to talk to me as a youngster has died so prematurely

    I remember my exitement when i discoverd you and ian stewert playing football kicking the ball against the wall at greenford station

    i couldnt beleive that you guys were wearing qpr tracksuits

    and it seems like it was just yesterday,my thoughts go out to your family,rest in peace big man and thanks for all those wonderfull memories
  4. to the man with the great big blue hat

    some teams have a mascot,our team has a black cat
    but my beautifull benjeman we have your big blue hat
    i would like you to join our message board what do you think of that

    you could start of your posting career
    by calling factomondo,halo dear
    he might think your a little queer
    but soon he will ask you out for a beer

    ol facto is the friendlist geezer youll ever meet
    he will give you a cuddle, hes ever so sweet
    so what ...
  5. Cargil Cars

    Cargil Cars agreed to sponsor this website, they failed to make payment, so the advert and blog advertising was removed after 2 months free advertising.