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  1. wolves away

    no matter what the people say ill never forget wolves away
    defence was sound midfield and strikers was worth twenty million pound
    reminded me of 1975 when thomas bowles and co ripped them apart
    what a fantastic performance we dominated from the start
    neil warnock has really done the buiseness here
    ill bet
    he has done everything but put the ball in the net
    swp is almost certainly the best winger or that is my tip
    forget thomas and sinton,this ...
  2. Wolves Build-up Audio Show from QPR Player (Free)

    Listen to the build-up show here now for free -

    Scroll down to the link and should work on both iPhone & Android phones on the go.
  3. swp

    swp you may consider yourself only small
    but tonight you were six foot tall
    keep playing like that and into the english team you go
    you are a chip of the old block ian should know
    fantastico preformance little ball of fire
    cant beleive your passion and desire
    hope we keep you untill you retire
  4. QPR v Newcastle Build-up show from QPR Player (Free)

  5. beautiful trevs funeral

    i decided not to go today,funerals are a sometimes
    ok,but if i really love someone too much i find them too painfull too attend sometimes,but gentle trev
    here my words you are never going to be forgotten,and at exactly 13,45 i say a pray for you
    i can imagine all the rangers ,at the doo,i can see all there sad faces,i can feel all that emotion