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  1. QPR 5 Torquay 0

    Not a real result sadly, just the latest victory by my QPR team in FIFA Manager 2009 PC game, Dexter Blackstock got a hat-trick with 3 headers would you believe?

    A pity watching the real thing isn't quite so fulfilling at the moment. All we can hope for is that the issues that are obviously troubling our boys inside the dressing room will be resolved and quickly, so that they can get back to their winning ways before the whole season goes to pot. Someone may have to play the DVD for ...
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  2. SWOT analysis part two

    I have decided to publish my views of the 2009-10 season in 10 game chunks based on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Part One is on my blog. Please consider that these views are formed over a 10 game period and not written in anger after last night's debacle.

    Here is my view on the second 10 games of the season.


    Abundance of midfield talent. Tarrabt in particular is able to produce moments of sheer genius at times, but can ...
  3. Goalkeepers who never quite made it

    There have been a number of goalkeepers over the years who were touted at a young age to be 'the next big thing' but many of them sank without a trace.

    My thinking of this subject was prompted by one Championship football blog which traced the slide of Richard Wright, once the future for Arsenal and England and now struggling at the bottom end of the division with Ipswich.

    So what other keepers can fit into such bracket, I can think of:
    Roy Carroll
    Steven ...
  4. Still Stunned

    The Middlesborough game was one I was dreading for a while. My only contact with the football league is through the "Football League Show" and despite the Boro's poor results I always saw them as a team whose time would come. Sadly it came at our expense and the only hope I can muster is that it will send a message loud and clear to our players that they need more than just pretty football to turn them into heroes.

    Pretty football that doesn't need anything else comes in ...
  5. Watford Match Preview

    Monday 7th December 2009
    The Coca Cola Championship
    Vicarage Road Stadium
    Kick-off: 19:45
    Referee: A M Penn
    Watford (12th) V Queens Park Rangers (9th)
    By The Godfather

    I've been trying to forget about Saturday afternoon's shocking display. However, the memory of watching Leroy Lita tear apart the QPR defence is simply too strong. It really was an absolutely abysmal performance from the back four (apart from perhaps Borrowdale). The Rs have ...