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  1. Chaz - Is he the best QPR striker you have seen?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ginger Ninja View Post
    In the time I've watched QPR, there haven't been that many really really good strikers. Ferdinand has always been my favourite though. I think in that time I've only seen 3 that have hit the 20-goal mark in a season. For me, my top 5 is
    Kevin Gallen
    Heidar Helguson
    Paul Furlong

    EDIT: Sacrilege I know, but I forgot about Gallen and Furlong. That is shocking.
    Special mentions to Andy Thomson and Dexter Blackstock who I really
  2. Smarkets Fan Zone

    Quote Originally Posted by Smarkets View Post

    We've launched our new QPR fan zone on site at

    There you'll be able to sign up, but also be entered into prize draws for tickets, signed shits and money can't buy prizes (this week it's a trip to a training session and the chance to meet the team).

    Be great to have you onboard.

    Many thanks

    Team Smarkets
  3. hoilett haranguing

    Classic example of where Loftus Road's acoustics can be a curse as well as a blessing (for confidence players such as Hoilett). Not the first and it won't be the last. Kevin is right, the players hear absolutely everything. A player's individual wealth never comes into the equation - totally separate issue. You could be a multi-billionaire and still be psychologically hindered by such things.
  4. Ramsey / Les roles

    Quote Originally Posted by Stanley View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by californiahoop View Post
    For the record, CR is the coach, he doesn't buy players. LF does.
    That's not quite correct Cali. I did an interview with Fedinand and Ramsey for WATRB along with the other fan sites at the start of the season.

    Basically the way it works is CR controls formations and tactics. Pre-transfer window he then targeted which positions we were deficient in and relays that to LF. Les then targets and buys the players, however Ramsey also has a say in the player targets. The
  5. What will the first thread title

    Quote Originally Posted by QPRDave View Post
    "Wtf...Even the Squirrel hates Rambo"...

    This after the LR squirrel invades again, does a lap of the pitch, Evading the QPR players, ( like most teams do!!) before running to the QPR bench up Ramsey's leg and
    sinking his chompers into his Nobby's Nuts!!