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  1. if redknapp comes i think we could beat aston villa

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    If we get redknapp were staying up.standard. If we keep Hughes were down.
    That's what we've all got to hope or what's the point?
  2. if redknapp left

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    I do beg your pardon 31 years of going to watch rangers seems to have scrambled my brain.
    Now now. Just an opinion
  3. 5 weekend bankers comp (w/e 9th March)

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    Well done Mattyrangers & R.P.Q. for winning last month, enjoy the prizes you won.

    We all start from zero again for this month, so it's a good time to join in and have an equal chance to win one of this months 2 prizes.

    Latest table:-

    Prize's for the TOP 2 players
  4. LSA Travel to Saints & Villa

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    March 2nd , saints..9am depart..25/15

    Villa march 16th 9am depart...25/15

    Please call Gary on 07506 028 189 asap to book seats
    thank you.
  5. tony tony tony we all love you

    tony tony tony we all love you
    tony tony tony we all do
    tony tony tony we all love you
    because you make our dreams all come true

    you plan to give us a new stadium more beautifull than the hippodrome
    and tony tony tony i always think of you where ever i ever roam
    you lectured at oxford universiry
    you spoke about earning money in diversity
    there you met qprmad fan number one
    and you agreed he must sit next to you like your son ...