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  1. all the players we want are refusing to come

    an yet under harries rule my heart beats like a drum
    theres a new sense of pride
    if a players off form he cant hide
    harry has created a fighting team full of resolve
    now im so sure of the exitement that will evolve
    lets hope we beat tottenham let there sprit desolve
  2. that chelsea win

    watched the whole game live in a pub,its just impossible to explain what i experienced that night certainly it was the best night in about the last five years,I thought we wwere going down 0-4 ,what a wonderfull night thanyou harry boy
    your magic is working
  3. if we finnally face the fact we are going down

    its very unlikely that we will win the ten games we need to stay up we havent yet won away from home,so we must try to build for a re bound back to the prem

    we need gary hooper and charlie austin to spearhead our attack in the lower division they will grab the goals required

    my biggest fear is that with all these players on massive saleries we will go into administration

    its so very sad we wre all so full of hope when warnock was
    pushing us up ...
  4. ol goochy will you look down on our club

    Quote Originally Posted by Factamondo View Post
    ted ted i ve serched for the doddinghurst cuckoo an pitsea pidgeon to sek their help but they,like fulham away fans, are nowhere to be seen!
  5. arry arry arry its al about you

    in jan get that ten million and make my dreams come true
    get demba ba and explain we love him too
    then the fa cup is ours this season all decked out in white and blue

    i can see you arry boy leading out the boys all decked out in a beautifull suit
    ol arry boy the crowd love you so much ,you are so cute
    the englands manager will be offferd but you will turn it down
    the reason is never in your life have you felt so happy in london town