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  1. This site will be closing (Completed)

    And we will reopen again in the morning, this is due to migrating to a much more powerful web server, which is also managed.

    In the past few years we have upgraded and moved dedicated servers, we first started with a 1GB Ram dual core CPU server, updating to 2GB and then 4GB Ram.

    Next year we will have two games per week, more people active on the site due to no live streaming of games.

    We will use 'Live Chat' during match days for fans who wish to use ...
  2. "Naive" Fernandes

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    Think you're on your own there ..........the majority on here haven't had a good word for these players........
    I still wouldn't describe them as "2nd rate players". The point is that their performances this season have been 2nd rate due to a combination of a split dressing room, poor team spirit and destroyed confidence following poor results.

    And the responsibility for that ultimately lies with TF for NOT appointing 'football people' (i.e. Philip Beard) to oversee
  3. My Bonnie

  4. the sad loss of the doddinghurst cuckoo bird

    with the terrrible loss of the doddinghurst cuckoo bird
    the only chance we now have of a relegation battle that can be won, is down to loic remy if he can score ten more goals by the end of the season then we have a chance to survive

    i dont have any faith in zamora getting any goals so its all down to remy
  5. PSG say action may be taken against Joey Barton for Twitter remarks about Thiago

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    Said he looks like tranny
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    An overweight #######
    He also said he couldn't work out if he's pre or post op.

    The thing is nowadays coming out with transphobic comments is deemed equally as unacceptable as homophobic or racist comments, which is what has been picked up on with this latest outburst. He's now also made himself look a foolish hypocrite because of his recent anti-homophobia campaign for gay footballers. This has since been pointed out to him