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  1. tony tony tony we all love you

    tony tony tony we all love you
    tony tony tony we all do
    tony tony tony we all love you
    because you make our dreams all come true

    you plan to give us a new stadium more beautifull than the hippodrome
    and tony tony tony i always think of you where ever i ever roam
    you lectured at oxford universiry
    you spoke about earning money in diversity
    there you met qprmad fan number one
    and you agreed he must sit next to you like your son ...
  2. LSA Travel to Saints & Villa

    Quote Originally Posted by themodfather View Post
    March 2nd , saints..9am depart..25/15

    Villa march 16th 9am depart...25/15

    Please call Gary on 07506 028 189 asap to book seats
    thank you.
  3. it may not make me popular but

    in the 54 seasons that ive been watching qpr ive seen some amazing players but the effect that samba had on there defence was absolutely astonishing his neader that was headed off the line was the closest we had been to scoring and it makes me feel that because of the relegation situation we are in,I WOULD LOVE TO SEE AT TWO PLAYERS STRIKE FORCE OF ZAMORA AND SAMBA
    can you imagine haveing two wingers getting those crosses into these two guys,no defence in england could play against them to ...
  4. LSA travel to Swansea..Feb 9th

    Quote Originally Posted by themodfather View Post

    One coach is already full and names are being taken for a 2nd ( not guaranteed) so please book asap

    8am from cafe near Smutts

    Fare approx 30/20 likely 25/15

    Call Gary asap on 07506 028 189

  5. all the players we want are refusing to come

    an yet under harries rule my heart beats like a drum
    theres a new sense of pride
    if a players off form he cant hide
    harry has created a fighting team full of resolve
    now im so sure of the exitement that will evolve
    lets hope we beat tottenham let there sprit desolve